Tuesday, October 7, 2008

One more time......

Last night was Zumba and bodypump and this week I sucked even worse than last week. Sundays Zumba class was a lot easier (I guess which ever instructor you get really makes a difference) - but I was having such a great time who cares and all the calories I am burning made it well worth looking like a fool! Bodypump was great as usual and I think I figured out what I did to my wrist last week - we work on this move while laying down on the mat where we take the bar and bring it towards our forehead(s) and I noticed my wrist was hurting and weak and I asked one of the other ladies I take the class with and she told me she had the same problem and just not to overwork it and it will be ok - so note to self be careful! In all it was a great work out and I cannot wait for next week

Tonight I am going for my 3 mile walk with my friend Cindy (and I am bringing my sweet dog Starbuck) and with the weather it is going to be so nice.

Tomorrow I go for a biopsy (nothing to worry about) and will be out for the night so no swimming (I am really bummed) but hopefully on Thursday I will be back 100% (the Doctor told me I should be) and I will be getting ready for the big 5k on Saturday (I am really looking forward to it). Hope you all have a great Tuesday night and Wednesday....I will be back!


Buffedstuff said...

Hi, I just wanted to welcome you to HYC and I hope everything goes okay with your biopsy. Keep chasing your dreams;)

Innin said...

Thanks for finding me!

You go, too, girl! And I'll follow your progress, too...;).


Stephanie Quilao said...

When it comes to the Zumba I got two left feet so I hear ya. It's fantastic though that you are going and checking it out. For me, trying out new things is part of the fun!

ate said...

hope all is well you are doing good so nice to follow you,always honest and you have such drive