Saturday, November 29, 2008

This and That

Yesterday I went shopping on black Friday with my friend Dee and I was not sure what I was going to get but boy have a learned a few lessons in the past week. We started off at Macy's, they were having a HUGE shoe sale, and I have always wanted some black slip on boots that are only as high as your ankle and zip up the side so I was on a mission. When we arrived to the shoe department I was surprised about how busy it was. I was scouting out the boots when I came across these really cute pair (that were on sale yeah). I normally wear a size 11 in all my shoes so I was hoping that I could slip them in a 10 Med. (since they only go up that far). I approached the salesperson and asked for a 10 and waited patiently for them to arrive. When I went over to the chair I took a really deep breath and proceeded to put the boot on my foot and low and behold to my surprise they fit! I am so happy! Losing a size in clothes and shoes is all I have dreamed of for so long and to finally see some kind of results is the best feeling in the world.

The rest of the afternoon I tried on some more clothes and got some really great deals on some shirts (that actually fit) and my new jeans well they came in handy to help with my decisions. What have I learned from all of this - if you dream it you can accomplish it.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Normally I don't go out of my house on black Friday but my friend Dee invited me to go shopping with her today so off I go. I thought I might actually go back and buy some new pants to go with my new jeans..hmmm. Today also marks the day I finally go out in public with my new jeans I bought last week. I am really nervous but this is just one of the other transitions I have to take. I will let you guys know how I do and I promise pics are coming.

For Thanksgiving I was invited to attend one of my friend’s family gatherings and enjoy some good food and conversation. I was really good on my eating I took over some salad which I had a long with some Turkey, Ham, carrots, sweet potatoes (no marshmallows) and some other wonderful items. In all I was really surprised at how well I did. I hope everyone had a great and safe Thanksgiving (I did).

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Being Thankful

Today's post is dedicated to some of the things I am thankful for this holiday season:

my son
my health
good friends
my job
children laughing
blue Skye's
the simple things that make you smile

This blog which helps me be accountable and also being able to set out on this journey with all the support I have around me. And a special thanks to all you bloggers without you I would not be able to continue your support is greatly appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Experience

Sorry for the delay everyone but I have been really busy this weekend.......On Saturday afternoon my friends Cindy and Dee took me shopping for jeans. On our way I was really nervous about the whole experience and was not sure what to expect. When we arrived at the store my heart was beating so fast I thought I would pass out - but I started looking around and we were greeted by a wonderful sales girl who was more than happy to assist us. Dee was looking for a suit so she was off browsing and Cindy and I were asking the sales girl what she thought might be a great pair of jeans to start with. I headed to the dressing room with my jeans and started to feel a little light headed I got my footing and started putting them on. Well let me just say I was a little surprised first of all I have dropped a size and the jeans were not as bad as I thought they would be - I am very self conscious about my body and as you all know jeans are not that forgiving so I was expecting to really hate what I saw in the mirror and yes I still have some issues but in all it was not as bad as I had imagined. I do have some imperfections and I still have a long way to go before I will ever be happy with who I am and what my body is but in all I have to say I was surprised. Yes there were some tears but Dee and Cindy were there to support me and let me know that this is something I need to do. After getting over my shock about how I really look in clothes that fit (Dee reminded me you are not used to clothes that actually fit you right so the shock is normal and feeling uncomfortable is ok-she is so wise!)

The last pair of jeans were the winners they have a boot flare and they have the really cute pockets on the back (I have a butt - oh how I have missed seeing you lol) and they are dark which I really like.

I proceeded to try on some other items shirts, jackets etc. I found this really great jacket (I have always wanted jeans and a really cool jacket together) and also this really cute shirt (Dee had me get a belt to help with the jeans) and can you believe it to my surprise I have went down a shirt size and I have lost 3 bra cups (WOW). I guess all the worrying I have been doing over not losing enough weight or sizes is once again all in my head and I have to learn that this takes time and because it does take time I need to be patient (which is hard for me) and realize I am well on my way to what I want - a new me!

No pics today having some trouble with downloading them so I will take some new ones this week and post them for you guys. A special thanks to Dee and Cindy for going with me on this new journey and for helping me see that wearing baggy clothes is not who I am anymore - I am worthy of looking good.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Saturday is Jeans Day!

Tomorrow is the day I finally go and try on Jeans. As I mentioned a couple of days ago it has been a long time since I have worn a pair. So tomorrow is going to be an emotional time for me but I know that this transition just like all the others is the positive step I need to look forward at my goals. I will take some pics and post them this weekend. Cross your fingers everyone - I know I am.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ups and Downs!

The last few days have been really tuff - On Tuesday I went to work out as my Doctor said I could (I only walked 45 mins at a very slow pace) and on Wednesday I thought I was going to fall down - I was so tired and I am not sure if it was from the walking or just still getting over my surgery. Well last night I did work out with my trainer (no Zumba - just walking on treadmill for 45 mins.) and I feel great today! I am going to keep taking it easy for the next few days and then on Monday I am ready to jump right back into my training.

Since Thanksgiving is next week I have already begun working on being really good this next week so I can really enjoy myself on turkey day. I want to enjoy the holiday time and not have to watch every bite I put into my mouth. But I am also going to try and be really good and not over do it - I think if I tried to eat like I used to I would explode lol!

Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.
Winston Churchill

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The magic of Snow!

Today we had our first sign of snow - I LOVE snow! When I moved up North last year I had never been around it so it is such a surprise to me when it comes down out of the sky and it is just so magical to me and can put a smile on my face in a moments notice. Makes you appreciate all you have!

Monday, November 17, 2008


Just a quick update on my surgery - it went well and I am up and ready to work today. Unfortunately no exercise for 1 week (light walking only)so this will put me back one week on my marathon training but to stay in good shape I will do as my Doctor tells me.

Yesterday I was talking with a friend and we were talking about our attitudes. I know I have posted before about I don't have a high opinion of myself and that I always talk about myself in a negative way well my friend was telling me some things that I do and she is right they are phrases I say when I am embarrassed or just think I cannot do something. So my new goal is to NOT say anything negative about myself and always think positively even when I don't think I deserve it. In the last few months I have realized that I can accomplish a lot things in my life just by saying I CAN and just doing it and not let the negative thoughts get me down. It is tough when you don't think you deserve it but in my heart I know I do.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Thank you everyone for your input on the board - I have written up something I am thinking of posting so please let me know how I did:

My name is Mara and I have been overweight for 15 years -In May of this year I was ready to make a life change I made the decision to join the AMFF gym. I have never been one to go to a gym or even think about exercising, (let’s be honest I HATE it!), or even being active in anyway. In High School I was very active but over the years I always put off exercising or participating in any activity at all – you could say I was a couch potato. When I started this journey I was at my heaviest of 322 lbs and very miserable, no motivation to speak of and would never think of getting up off that couch and doing something about it.

I am happy to say as of this date I have lost 40 lbs and now I can actually be proud of what I have accomplished. Joining AMFF has been a life altering event not only have I found my true self I have also gained new friends and people I can count on when I need them. I have my high and low days but I don’t let it get me down. I always remember who I used to be and who I am now and I am happy to say I like the person I see before me. I have a long way to go on my journey as I have many goals I want to achieve but I know in the long run that I can do it!

AMFF offers a wonderful variety of activities that can help you on your way – I am involved in many of them; Zumba, bodypump, personal training and swimming are a few I highly recommend these classes and encourage all of you to find one that is right for you and give it a try – believe me I never thought I would be joining a Zumba class!

One of the many reasons I succeed at the gym is I have a wonderful trainer Donna. Not only does she motivate me but she is a great sounding board for the days I am very frustrated and she always reminds me why I started this program and that I CAN do it no matter how many times I want to give up. Having someone to help you on your journey is the best investment you can make. I highly recommend the PT program and know you will have the same results that I do when you apply yourself and work hard.

Another benefit of AMFF is they make you feel at home and they work really hard at helping you meet your goals if you are motivated enough and are willing to work for it.

I also blog about my experience at please join me on my journey and see the many goals I have set for myself for 2009!

Goals for 2009:

Half marathon
White water rafting
Rock climbing
Participate in a sport

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Am I worthy?

A couple of months ago I posted about a board that is at the gym (it is a board dedicated to members and their progress). My trainer approached me on Tuesday night and told me she had been asked by someone about how much weight she thinks I have lost? Well my trainer knows me better than most people so she knows exactly what it is - he went on to ask her if I would be interested in posted my progress on the board. When she was telling me this story I was shocked that someone had noticed my progress - I do get compliments from some people every so often but someone to approach my trainer about it hmmmm..........The reason I am writing about this on my blog is I am not sure if I am ready to put myself out there on this subject. Let me explain - In my mind I am still not worthy enough to share my progress to date as I still have so many goals to meet and I am unsure if I can actually do it - my Mom and trainer said it is like you posting on your blog - not really - my blog is a place I come and post my thoughts for the day (just as I am doing right now)- not somewhere where I am kind of bragging about what I have accomplished and to me to be honest it is my safe place. This board is right out in the open and a lot people at the gym know who I am (since I am there all the time lol) and I am not sure if I am ready to put myself out there for everyone to "see". I know I should be shouting from the roof top about what I have achieved (I have surprised my friend Dee and my trainer Donna this week with the things I can do - I love the look on their faces when I do!) but I am also still not ready to be so open with everyone when I feel I still have work to do. I know I should not be ashamed or embarrassed but that is who I am and I am not sure if I can come out of my shell and be who I should be (I hope this makes since). Have any of you ever had this experience? Any advice on what I should say if I decided to do this?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weigh In - Excitement!

Today is weigh in day and I lost 4 lbs! That is a total of 38 lbs to date and I am almost at 40 lbs it is within my sights. I am so excited - In the past few weeks I again was not on the straight and narrow and eating some bad things and drinking some good things but it seems I can do this and still lose weight who knew! I am going to set a new goal for December and try and lose 10 lbs which should bring me near the 50 lb mark - I am sure with all my training for the marathon and all my other activities I will be able to accomplish this (fingers crossed). Happy day everyone I am so excited and actually very proud of myself at this point. It looks like those jeans are within my reach...........

Monday, November 10, 2008

4 miles and counting

Last night I walked my first 4 miles for my training for the half marathon. I have to say I was a little nervous about starting this (since the 5k I have not really walked over 3 miles) and was not sure I could do it. I have a track near my home at a local High School which makes it convenient for me. My friend Dee suggested I try a trick she has been doing for a while so I would know when I had completed my 4 miles. You take 8 small rocks and put them all in one of your pockets and each time you pass your starting point you transfer it to the other side pocket - when you have completed this the first time you then transfer the rocks back to the original pocket and you have completed your 4 miles (handy right - I hope that made since?). It took me 1 hr and 38 mins to complete this which means it took me about 22 paces to complete the walk. For the half marathon I have to be between 17 to 18 to complete the race in 4 hrs. So I have some work to do on that part but in all I think I did a great job considering I was not sure I could do it lol! But again I underestimate myself and should know by now that I can do this and that it will be a lot of hard work but when I cross that finish line in March I will have accomplished something I have wanted to do for so long. The rest of the week is: Monday is rest day, Tuesday is Strive and walking, Wednesday is Zumba, walking and working with my Trainer, Thursday is walking and Friday rest day and I have minor surgery and will be out of commission for a few days (no work outs on Saturday or Sunday) but I am hoping I can at least walk a few miles (I will keep you posted on that).

I encourage all of you to pick a goal anything that you think you cannot do and go out and try it I bet you will surprise yourself and realize that we all can accomplish what we set our sights on. Special thanks to Dee and Donna for encouraging me through this whole process they rock!

Hold a true friend with both your hands.
* Nigerian Proverb

Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's time and a nomination!

In the next few weeks I am going to do something I never thought possible - I am going to try on a pair of blue jeans! It has been over 15 years since I wore the last pair of blue jeans that I can recall. Do to my weight I am one of those people who does not like to wear anything that shows all the bumps and imperfections I tend to wear black nylon pants that are not clinging and that hang off me and make me look bigger and shopping not that enjoyable for me. A lot of my worries are my own nothing that other people see but things I want to change and know I am well on my way to doing just that - but I still have this image in my head that makes it tuff for me to see past all my imperfections and focus on my accomplishments. I am working on excepting who I am and that my weight should not define me (it is a tough transition but I am well on my way) and I know in the long run I will be a better person for it.

So a new challenge for me I am stepping out of my "comfort zone" again and hopefully will be able to follow through (Dee, Cindy and my trainer will make sure I do)- I will take some pics to show just what I have accomplished.

This weekend is a busy one Friday was my rest day, today is working on half marathon and having some friends over for a girls night and Sunday is Zumba and walk 4 miles so I am back on track and feeling great - thanks again everyone for keeping up with me!

Also a very special thank you to Liz at, she has nominated my blog for
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THANKS Liz for the recognition and I hope I can live up to the standards. I will come up with a list of who I think deserves this award in my next post.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Re Focus - much needed reminder!

First I would like to thank all of you for reminding me of why I am on this journey:

Barb - You are right I need to see myself next summer and not now.

Lynn - Tough love is the key!

Nix-Chic - I am going to re focus and not beat myself up each day.

Sunflowerdaisies - It is tough to pick yourself up but we both know we can. It is easier said than done lol!

Miz Fit - Reminding myself is the best advice I can receive - I forget why I am doing this sometimes and reminding myself will help.

Thanks everyone sometimes we just need to be reminded of our goals and that we can do this. A lot of it has to do with my attention span it is very small and I get bored really easy. So this week I have been doing some different things at the gym to try and inspire myself. On Tuesday I took a Strive class with my Mom (you work on various machines and floor exercises) and it went well and I am thinking of going again tonight - also worked on half marathon walked for 30 mins (trying to get my speed up). On Wednesday I took a Zumba class (the instructor is so great I love her!) I still have no idea what I am doing and have zero rhythm but I love it! I love moving around sweating out those calories who doesn't like to make a fool of themselves LOL! Then I worked out with my trainer Donna for about 30 mins. working on my legs for the marathon (I so do not want to injure myself while training) and working on floor exercises was a lot of fun we have not done that in a while. She suggested we change up our weekly routine from swimming one week to floor exercises the next (I think that is an excellent idea). Tonight I think I am going to try Strive again and then walk for 45 mins. My trainer gave me a new outline for training for the Marathon - so I will be working on that for the next few weeks and hopefully get my speed up - My friend Dee is doing well with her training she is rocking the treadmill.

Thanks again everyone for your kind words and encouragement - sometimes we lose focus and need to be kicked in the head to be reminded what our goals are. You guys rock!

"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference".
Winston Churchill

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Self Sabatoge

The last few days I have been feeling so sluggish - I am putting it on not working out for the last few weeks. I have such a negative attitude and I don't feel as inspired as I normally do. Over the last few weeks I have not been focused on my routine but have mainly stuck to my eating habits which seems to be a good things since I lost 3 lbs last week with no regular exercise. I did not go to the gym last night - I am blaming it on not feeling well - but I really could have went and really worked my *ss off. Do you guys ever get in a situation where you just don't want to follow through and how do you work it out and get back on track?

I am going to get with my trainer tomorrow and try and figure out what is going on. Do I need to be re inspired? Try something new? Or just get off my *ss and do better?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Aches and Pains!

Yesterdays work out was good but boy am I feeling the pain today. Zumba was fast and exciting and I also walked 3 miles - the top of my feet hurt so badly today (that is kind of funny the top of my feet hmm) the back of my legs are saying what have you done to us lol. I am feeling the pains of not working out for a week and a half and I am reminded that this journey is a long one and I need to re focus my time and get back on the ball. Since I am unable to swim for 4 weeks I am going to get with my trainer about working on strength for the half marathon - my worst fear is I will injure myself before the big race and not be able to participate. Tonight is bodypump and 30 mins of walking and then off to soak my sore muscles. I am hoping these aches and pains will subside in the next few days but it is good to be reminded that I need to push harder. What do you guys do when you take time off from your program to get back into it?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Back in the Groove Again!

Today is the day I get back to my work out routine. I know I have said it before but I am so ready and I missed it! Zumba and working on half marathon today and then back to bodypump tomorrow and walking on Tuesday with my friend Cindy (missed doing this with her) no swimming this week so I will have to get with my trainer on what we can do and Thursday is bodypump again and then on Friday probably just cardio. I am back in the groove again!