Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Weigh In! Another challenge

Drum roll please.............................I lost another 4 lbs!!!!!!! Jumping around, balloons dropping!!!! I cannot believe it.......I set out on a new goal and I did it! I am so excited to report as of this date I have lost over 32 lbs. In May when I started on this journey I never thought in a heartbeat that I would be this excited -setting goal and achieving them I recommend it to anyone. PARTY TIME!

I was also given some information this week about a Marathon (half) that is coming up in March of 2009 and I was thinking to myself I wonder if I could do this - can I challenge myself enough to set this goal and really achieve it? The Marathon is 13.1 miles so I am not sure if I started training now could I actually do it? I am really thinking of trying and seeing just how strong I am. I will keep you guys posted. Thanks for checking in.


Ready to Zumba - I never realized that working out could be so much fun! Last night I went to the Zumba class and I realized I was not scared at all about trying something new and just jumped right in. I was surprised at just how easy it really is and how comfortable I felt with the entire class. I was able to do most of the moves and not feel out of place (as I normally do) and really enjoy the experience. The ladies I take bodypump with were their and were really getting into the music and the groove (smiling having a great time and helping me stay on track). You really do get a great workout you work your whole body (arms, legs, abs etc.) and I did not feel as if I was really working out just having a great time. I was quite surprised by how many Men were in the class and it was nice to see all shapes and sizes enjoying the experience. In all I WILL be going back and maybe start going more than once a week.

The only down side is bodypump is right after Zumba and it was really tuff to get through the class - I was exhausted (in a good way) and well worth it. Thanks everyone for your insight to Zumba - lets salsa!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Get ready to Zumba..........

Last night I was at the gym and one of the ladies I take bodypump with was their and we were talking about our workouts and our goals. She was telling me about a class she takes right before bodypump called Zumba. I have to say just the word intrigue me enough to ask her what the class is about - she said that it is sort of a dance class - well as you all know I am so not coordinated and just the thought of dancing - not so much. She then went on to tell me that when she started the class she was not sure either but giving it a chance was well worth it.. She invited me to come with her this Monday and check it out and I think I will (it can't hurt right?). Below is a description of the class and what to expect:

Zumba is a style of intense dance-aerobics workout with pulsating latin music. The 60-minute program incorporates footwork and body movements from flamenco, salsa and other dances. Participants pump their legs, windmill their arms, gyrate their hips, clap their hands, dip, slide and spin — all to a frenzied beat that leaves them with flushed cheeks and dripping in sweat.

Anything that will get me up and moving I will give a try. Have any of you tried Zumba and what was your experience?

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Yesterday I had an epiphany.....I am a stronger person since starting this journey. I was talking with my trainer last night (our weekly swimming session) and was telling her that I have noticed some positive things about myself in the last few weeks from working out. I can lift a lot more (weight wise) than I used to, I can stand for longer periods of time and I just feel so much more alive than I have in years. I am just amazed in the fact that changing the simplest things in my life can make me a brand new person. I am so grateful for the changes and look forward to the day I can see myself in a brand new light. I still have some issues to work on (balance, form, losing more weight, weight training - good coordination) but I know I WILL accomplish this and I look forward to the day I can add a post to this blog stating how far I really have come.

Have you noticed anything about yourself that has improved since you started on your journey?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back in the Groove!

Over the weekend I was able to get back to the gym and start back on my routine. I was really excited to get back to swimming and I had planned out my exercise plan to include it for about 15 mins at the end. I got to the gym walking through the doors I was so excited to be back where I know I belong. Sometimes do you ever just miss something and you are not quite sure why? That is how I felt when I started climbing those 24 steps and headed for the treadmill. I walked on the treadmill for about 20 mins. (Boy it was tuff) and then I was on the elliptical (my old friend how I have missed you) for about 5 - I did not want to over do it seeing as I have not been on the machines for 10 days (but that walking outside did help). So taking it slow was the right idea after only 30 mins I was tired and I was also thinking of not going swimming but I knew I should so I went down those 24 steps and got ready to dive in! I was in the pool for about 20 mins and could really feel the "burn" after only 10 and when I finally got out my legs were so sore and I was ready to go. In all it was a great day. On Sunday I went to the gym and worked on the bicycle for 15 mins., the treadmill for 20, and the elliptical for 5 - I have to say on day 2 the treadmill was kicking my *ss. On Monday it was back to bodypump and I was kind of nervous (and I am fighting a cold - I cannot win) so I was ready to go but really slow and I did not have my "spark" I usually have when I go into this but I went in and got ready to pump it. The class is only an hour but it felt like 10 it seemed like every routine took forever and I was really sluggish the whole time. I tried to keep up and I really tried to not look like a fool (as I do on the lunges) but in all it was a good class. I am really feeling it today and I have to say I should be really tired and sore but I am so glad I went and followed through on my routine I really did miss it.

Missing 10 days does not seem like a lot but you really do feel it when you get back into it. What I have learned over this experience I really "like" to work out and work on something I know in the end will help me become the person I am meant to be. Rest of the week walk 3 miles, swimming (Wednesday yeah) and work on getting back on track on my routine. And get over this cold! Thanks everyone for keeping up with me

Friday, September 19, 2008

10 days are up - ready to go!

Today marks my last day of rest from my surgery and I am so excited to get back to the gym on Saturday. I was talking with my trainer this week and I told her who would have thought a couple of months ago that I would miss the gym so much. That just shows how far I really have come over the past few weeks. I am going to take it slow at first probably work on the tread mill as well as the elliptical machine (I miss it) and I get to go swimming (on Saturday)! I know I know who would have thought it not me. I am ready to get going on my new goals and just knowing I am well on my way to what I have set for my accomplishments makes me so proud. I could not do it without my support system so a special shout out to my Mom (who is with me every step of the way) and also my Trainer Donna (who you guys should feel for she puts up with me) and all of my friends who cheer me on even when I am down. You guys bless me everyday and I could not ask for anything more.

I also wanted to share with you a great post that Lynn posted on her blog at http://lynnsweigh.blogspot.com/2008/09/sobering-email.html, it really touches on a great subject - one that I have dealt with and if you are thinking of losing weight this might inspire you.

I will keep you guys up to date on my work outs in the next week the ups and downs and getting back in the groove!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Weigh In - new goal!

Today was weigh in day and to my surprise I lost 6 lbs! I have to say I could not breathe when the scale showed that I had lost that much weight in the last 2 weeks. How did this happen? I know all the exercise and changing my habits over the last few weeks is the reason but all I can say is I am so SURPRISED! Since I have been off the last few days due to the surgery I just knew that I did not lose that much because I have not been on my regular routine but to my surprise I was wrong. I am so happy - I just cannot believe I finally made it to my goal of being less than 300 lbs in September and I DID IT! Now the tuff job starts I have to set new goals which I know I WILL accomplish. I so like saying I WILL. It makes everything sound so much better when you say it.

New Goals: (short list for now) Lose 30 lbs by December, more rock climbing, Tennis or softball ? hmmmm (outside activities), believe in me, white water rafting, Stay motivated, 5 k walk in October, Start running in January????

I am so thankful for all of your support thanks for believing in me even when I don't.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Morning everyone nothing new to report today. I am still healing from my surgery - I am doing well and I am ready to get back into action. I miss my gym time - I miss bodypump, swimming getting ahead of the game on my goals. Since I have not been able to work out as I have over the past few months I am really starting to feel like a slob. I miss being able to work out and push forward on what I want to accomplish. When I started this journey I never thought there would come a time that I would look forward to working out. It just goes to show that once you start something new you can make it a part of your day and routine. I cannot wait until Saturday (10 days are up) so I can go swimming and head up those 24 steps I have come so accustom to and work my butt off to get back where I was before this happened. I have been walking 3 miles each day and it is a lot of fun being out doors and getting the fresh air but I have to say I would like to mix up my routine so that I get the best of both worlds. I will be getting with my trainer next week and we can devise a plan that will keep me motivated and I can push forward steadily on my goals. I have been slacking on some of my goals - I have not been back to rock climbing, I have not been keeping up with my eating habits as I should I just feel as if I am slacking. I need to re motivate myself and not get in any slump - I have come too far to let myself down now.

I have set a new goal for December and with the way things are going I am not going to accomplish them. So my new attitude is - I WILL do this and I WILL accomplish what I have set for myself in the next few months. Boy that felt good - saying I WILL (Deb at http://weightfordeb.wordpress.com/, she is very inspiring) does the trick for me. No more I can't or I just don't want to from now on it is I WILL DO IT!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Doing Well - ready to walk!

Hey everyone just checking in today after my surgery and I am doing better than expected and I even got out and walked 2 miles last night. It was really nice to get out in the great out doors and not be stuck in the gym on the treadmill - a change of scenery was well needed - I took my sweet dog Starbuck (his picture is to the right) and he had a wonderful time also it was nice to be out and about with him and enjoy myself. My stomach is healing well and I should be able to be back 100% next week. I really did miss swimming last night - I have really gotten into the routine with my trainer and I was really sad not to be able to go. But it gives me something to look forward to when I get back into my full routine in the next 10 days.

Tonight I am walking with my friend Cindy and I am looking forward to being outside again. We are going to walk 3 miles so it should be great - I will keep you guys posted on my down time and how I am keeping up my goals and one of them is not to gain any weight during this down time. Thanks for your kind comments - keep them coming!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New day and time

Last night was my first night taking the Monday bodypump class (6 pm instead of 6:30 pm) and I was surprised at how many of the same people I saw in the Thursday class were also in this one. I am happy to report that all the nice ladies that said last week they might quit the gym were there. It was a nice surprise for me and the class went really fast and I was glad they were around to inspire me. I have some issues I need to work on (that coordination is getting me in trouble) so over the next few weeks I am really going to dedicate myself to work out the bugs I seem to have on some of the moves in class. I really stick out like a sore thumb when everyone else is moving and I am just standing alone like a deer with headlights in my eyes. But in all the class went well and I really feel it today.

On a sad note I have to have minor surgery today (nothing bad very minor) but I will be out of commission for 10 days. So no bodypump, swimming or elliptical machine (tear) I am only allowed to walk - and since I am gearing up for the 5k next month this is a great opportunity for me to get my legs warmed up for the 3 miles I have to complete in such a short time. I will keep you guys posted of what I am doing on these slow 10 days and one of my goals is not to gain any weight during this period so please keep me in your thoughts - believe me I am going to need it.

Another great quote:
"You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them". ~Michael Jordan

Friday, September 5, 2008

Wanting to quit! - support

Last night at bodypump class a few of the ladies I take the class with were telling me that they might quit the gym and not come back. I was shocked and not sure what to say as I don't want to pry but I asked them why? Each of the ladies explained that they have so much going on right now in their life that fitting the gym in their schedule takes a lot of planning. I can relate - but what I do is schedule everything around my workouts - but life can get in the way of the things we want to do versus the things we have to do. We have to work to pay for the gym and keep our lives afloat and finding time for the rest of your time is hard. One of the ladies told me she thinks of me when she can't come to class because if no one else comes either she knows I feel out of place. I thought that is so nice that she even thinks about how I am doing. By the end of the class I told each of them I hope you guys come back I will miss you and they all said hopefully we will stay and we can all support each other because even though we are all there to workout we also lend a hand to those that are struggling and who are there for the same reason and I really appreciate it.

For me having someone in the class with you that have a clue as to what is going on is such a relief. I am doing much better but there are still a few things I don't do well (being uncoordinated does not help). I am changing my routine around next week due to working out with my trainer in the pool on Wednesday's and doing bodypump on Thursday’s really takes a lot out of me (in a good way) so I am going to take bodypump on Monday’s instead (and eventually start taking it twice a week) and take Tuesday’s off (thanks Deb for suggesting it) and keep swimming on Wednesday's. The rest of my routine will be split up with time at the gym (bicycle 20 mins, treadmill 20 mins and the elliptical machine for 10 mins) and next week I am starting to walk with my friend Cindy so we can get ready for the 5k walk in October (I am really looking forward to this it will be something different and I get to spend time with a good friend -win win for me!). Having someone with you when you exercise I find makes it so much better - If it is your friend, trainer or Mother get someone to do it with you and maybe then you will not think of quitting and the rest of your time will be well spent.

Another nice quote:

Friendship with oneself is all-important, because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Moderate Exercise a Myth?

I was looking on some websites today looking for any new information on weight loss and came across this article by Time go by and check it out:


It is very informative and does touch on some of the issues I find everyday. So in your opinion is moderate excercise a myth?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weigh In and one step at a time....

BIG news guys I went for my 2 week weigh in this morning and I lost 4 lbs! YES! I know it is not the 5 I needed to be less than 300 lbs but I am so excited that I have lost 22 lbs to date. I am focusing on losing the extra 1 lb by the end of this week and then I will plan out my new attack to losing 15 lbs by November.

I was really worried because over the holiday weekend it did not go so well. My will power was tested beyond what I could control and I have to say I am not sorry about it at all - I went out of town to spend some time with some friends of mine and I was doing really well until we went to Outback and my friends daughter wanted me to share some cheese fries with her and I could not say no to that (who would right). But the rest of my meal was very lean and nutritious (Salmon and sweet potato with a garden salad) I was not too worried until I had to have ice cream yesterday. I have such a weakness for ice cream (and chocolate) - I don't like anything fancy just plain old vanilla and sometimes as a dip cone. I tried to fight the urge all day but I finally gave in yesterday afternoon and I have to say to my surprise I don't feel that guilty about it. I wanted it I got the small cone and moved on. I also did not work out on Saturday or Monday (gym closed early) and I know I should have done something to get my exercise in but I can honestly say I don't feel guilty about missing that either. I guess I am at a point now on my journey that I can realize that I know what I can and cannot do and what I need to do to focus on my goal.

I am just so thrilled to report that this time next week I am determined to met that goal I have set for myself for September (to be under 300 lbs.) and I can go into it knowing no matter what happens I can be proud of what I have accomplished to date.

I know I keep saying it but - Thanks everyone for your support you guys are the best.