Monday, June 29, 2009

In all of the places?

Friday was surgery day and I was just expecting to go in and get out and back home with little drama. I arrived early so I could check in and calm my nerves which went well. As with all surgeries you have the Doctor come by the nurses and the anesthesia tech (also a Doctor) they were all asking me questions and telling me all will be fine. All that is normal but when the Doctor (anesthesia tech) came by he asked me a bunch of questions then noticed on my chart I had lost weight and that I am very active. I wish you all could have seen his face - it was priceless. As you all know when you are over weight most people judge you first before they even know your story and this happen to be one of those cases. He asked me what I did (gym, cardio, kick boxing etc....) and he said since I was so active he was putting me in a new category. WOW I have to say I was so happy (weird right) that I was not part of the obese category anymore (just on the line lol). He went on to say that since I was so active I really have helped myself out for this surgery and what ever the future holds. I have to say to impress a Doctor made me feel pretty good (also I had to go to the potty right when he got done and he offered to help me and a nurse came up and said I can help her sir and he said thanks and left when the nurse and I were in the bathroom she said he offered to help you? And I smiled and said yes surprise).

I am really sore today and all weekend was rough the anesthesia really took a toll on me I was in a lot of pain all weekend (laughing, coughing not so good) so I am hoping that the next few days will be better. Thanks for all the well wishes much appreciated!

Hope you all have a Happy Monday!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wish me luck!

Tomorrow is surgery day and I am kind of nervous. It should be fine but I just hate to have anything done that I am put to sleep for but I will have happy dreams. No post until Monday everyone have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My new passion

Over the last few weeks I have found a new passion - Shredded Wheat! I never really liked it growing up so I just never ate it but one of friends had some at her house and I gave it a second chance and now I am hooked. Now the key to this (if you eat the frosted type) is to watch just how much you eat and be careful and not over do it with the milk either. I have a been eating a bowl every morning for the past 2 weeks and it really fills me up - I normally have eggs toast and some fruit and by 9 am I am starving but with this I seem to stay fuller which I am really excited about. I am also going to look in the natural foods section and see if they have something that is not so high in sugar intake but for now this will do.

Do any of you have a breakfast ritual?

Monday, June 22, 2009


Yesterday I was talking to Dee (my gym buddy) and we both said we have been so lazy. Dee opened a new business a couple a months ago and she has been really busy so we have not been keeping each other accountable. She has gained a few pounds as I know I have (I am so afraid of the scale) but we both said we need to get up and just do it and stop making excuses. Having someone that can be accountable with you is a great way to keep up your momentum and also it keeps you in line with your work outs. I find if I have someone to answer to that I feel obligated to go to the gym and eat right and know that I have someone who understands what I am going through. Most of my friends are like a size 5 or 10 and they don't get that I struggle everyday (not saying that people who are these sizes don't struggle with something) but I find that someone like me has the worst habits and excuses.

I am hoping in the next few weeks to get up with Dee and make a new plan and we can re dedicate ourselves to helping each other and making us a priority. Do you find if you have someone you answer to on your journey it makes you more committed?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Let's talk BOOBIES!

Last week I was having a conversation with one of my really close friends and we were talking about how much weight I have lost so far and how I have been struggling with my routine and she asked me where I think I have lost the most weight. Well I said I know exactly where that is and of course she asked and I told her my BOOBS! She looked at me with this face and then we started laughing and she said really! I don't know about all of you bloggers but I have lost a total of 4 cups in that area and I am starting to get worried. Of course I am not losing it where I want (the stomach and thigh area) so I get really frustrated. I am so afraid I will lose all the weight in that area and I will have nothing I mean nothing there lol! I have always had large breast and losing so much there is kind of strange for me but I should just be happy I am losing right :)! I am not opposed to plastic surgery in a couple of years (and the girls will look mighty nice) but for now I have to keep my chin up and say you know what at least I am losing something.

Have any of you had this problem and what do you do?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Inspiring others

Last week we had a meeting where I work about the new Wellness program they are introducing to the employees and how to live a better life style.

The Human resource rep. approached me and was asking all these questions about how I lost most of my weight and so on. I was more than happy to answer her questions and she was telling me she wanted to do an article on me for the company newsletter. Put on the brakes people I am about to jump off the cliff! I happily declined and she went on to say but your story is a good one for all the employees here you can inspire them. Let’s just say that I am not a role model (not in my eyes) I still have so much to accomplish - yes I have lost 60 lbs I have turned my life around but to be an inspiration for someone else - that is so not me. I still think of myself as that 322 lb person I was over a year ago and that is what I see when I look in the mirror (compliments even from my friends I take and say yeah right) - I find that I am very shy when it comes to these types of situations and I am not exactly sure why! I mean I have done a great job on my journey and I hope on this blog that I do inspire some of you (as many of you have done for me) but to put me in a newsletter for everyone to see - I am so not liking that image in my mind. I am so flattered and I know it would be great but...............I think right now that this is something that should be put on the back burner and we can talk about it again in maybe a year’s time.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Beautiful things

Yesterday was a great day....I went walking with my friends at a near by park and it was so beautiful. I really enjoyed being outside and just taking the time to enjoy life. I have some great friends in my life and I appreciate all they do for me. The walk was great it really cleared my head a lot and helped me come to some decisions I really need to work on. I want bore you guys with them but let’s just say I am ready to make a commitment to myself and my healthy lifestyle.

Sometimes I sit and over think things and hope that I have done the right thing or what is in my future. My stress level has been over the top lately and I am really working on getting in control and just living a stress free life (lol right)! But I am very blessed with my blog family as well as a great support system around me and I can really just be who I am.

This week should shape up really well tonight no gym, tomorrow walking and Wednesday kick boxing. Fingers crossed that I want chicken out lol!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Thanks everyone

As usual you guys know how to kick me in the *ss! I appreciate all of your comments and I am really trying to get back on track but I was given some news this week that I really need to think over. I work for a company that sends some of its employees to other states to work I was asked to do this and my first thought was do they have a gym I can go to? Yep that was my first thought and I was so glad - It just shows that I am truly dedicated and that I really am on track even though I have been lazy lately. Research is on the agenda this weekend to find that place that I will be calling my new hang out.

Thanks again you guys without all of you and your support I would have given up long ago!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Skipping Out and Weigh In

Yesterday I went to the Doc and had weigh (of course) and the good news is I have not gained anything yeah but that I am still stuck at 262. Boy that really should get me off my *ss and get going right? Wrong I have not been to the gym all week and my goal is to GO to kick boxing tonight I am really going to try and just do it! I am just becoming this lazy person I was before and I so do not like that. What is it going to take for me to get off my *ss and not be so lazy? I am really becoming very disappointed in myself and I really just need a kick in the butt! At this rate I will regain I turn back into the person I was before and not achieve the goals I have set for myself this past year. Refocusing is so hard and I just need to find my motivation and stick to it! Ok I done ranting now but I really do need to get up and move!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday is another day

Happy Monday everyone! I alwasy say this because what else is there to say!

This weekend I was so lazy and yes I did not go to the gym I ate everything I could that was not good for me and I loved it! But now I know the week is new and I am going to the gym even if it kills me. I go to the Doc tomorrow say weighing in should be a lot of fun.

Zumba tonight, Cardio tomorrow, Wednesday is kick boxing and Friday is Zumba I am going to get back on track and stick to it this time!

Friday, June 5, 2009

In my head

My head can be so scary sometimes. I know I am suppose to be on this wonderful journey and I know what I need to do to achieve the goals I have set but all the thoughts in my head are driving me crazy!

I have not been to the gym once this week - Why you ask? lazy, don't care and just plan did not go! I am trying to reason with my head and let it know it is ok that I have been lazy and that donut I ate yesterday no problem right? Well let me just say my head is not going to win - I am going to take control of myself and get back to the gym and don't look at another donut for a while!

Do any of you have this problem? Your head is saying one thing and your body another.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another Weigh In

Yesterday I went for a check up at the heart doc and of course they have to weigh you in so I was so not looking forward to it (ice cream, pudding) low and behold I lost 4 lbs. Now I am really grateful but what is going on? The human body always surprises me - I will take it! My goal for June is to get past the 260 range and be in the 250's - I know I can do it but all the ice cream, pudding and snacks are going to be hard to pass by (but I will).

Tonight is kick boxing yeah and tomorrow I am walking with some friends and this weekend I will be kick boxing again and just work on the treadmill. I really feel great and I think I am really hitting a great point right now.

PS The Doc said my heart is fine!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Back in the Saddle!

This weekend I really stuck to staying on track. I went to the gym on Sunday and took kick boxing again and I feel really good today. I love classes that make you work that make you see what your goal is and that is what this class does for me. I am hoping to get my momentum back up this week so next week I can get back to 30/20/10 and also feel back to normal. I have some goals I am working on and will share later but for now I am glad I am back on the road to myself!