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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ready Set Go...............

Saturday was the 5k walk I have been talking about for months and it was great (helping the Children's Hospital a lone is well worth the walk).
We arrived at 8:30 am (the race started at 9:15 am) to get ready and I was greeted by all my co workers who attended the race and we all set out to stretch and get ready. First up was the children's mascot run and boy were they so cute! They had all kinds of mascots and children fun all day. Next was the 10k run/walkers and they headed out before us (as it takes a lot longer for them) then we were up! Well I was a walker so I got in the back as instructed (with my Mom yeah) and the rest of the guys were running so they were in the front. It was such a nice walk it really did not seem it was 3 miles. The neighbor hood they had us go through was so nice (really old homes and very shady). It seemed like it took forever but it was such a nice day who cared right. Well I came in last in my age group and 288 out of the whole race but you know what I DID it and I was so excited to participate. A HUGE thanks to Kyle (he came in 3rd in his age group - GO Kyle), Cindy, Ryan and my Mom for attending the race with me and also to my Trainer for keeping me in shape to be able to accomplish this goal. Now it is time to start training for the BIG Marathon (half) in March (I have decided I am so not ready) wish me luck!


spunkysuzi said...

Isn't it fun?? I did my first 5 km walk in september and i'm definitely going to be doing more next year!! Way to go on finishing it and having fun at the same time!

Anonymous said...


Cynthia Schmidt said...

Way to go, Mara! It looks like you had a fantastic time. You may just get hooked on this! A healthy habit for sure.

I'm proud of you. I've started following your blog. It's great and really an inspiration.

All the best to you!

zandria said...

Go, Mara! That's awesome!

Were you at BlogHer DC today? You didn't pick up your badge at registration before I left the desk around 10am. I hope everything's okay!