Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ups and Downs!

The last few days have been really tuff - On Tuesday I went to work out as my Doctor said I could (I only walked 45 mins at a very slow pace) and on Wednesday I thought I was going to fall down - I was so tired and I am not sure if it was from the walking or just still getting over my surgery. Well last night I did work out with my trainer (no Zumba - just walking on treadmill for 45 mins.) and I feel great today! I am going to keep taking it easy for the next few days and then on Monday I am ready to jump right back into my training.

Since Thanksgiving is next week I have already begun working on being really good this next week so I can really enjoy myself on turkey day. I want to enjoy the holiday time and not have to watch every bite I put into my mouth. But I am also going to try and be really good and not over do it - I think if I tried to eat like I used to I would explode lol!

Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.
Winston Churchill

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