Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Tonight Dee and I are going to try out Kickboxing. The gym we go to does not offer this class but one of the other locations (about 30 mins away) does so we are both ready to try this great class. I have wanted to do this since I started on this journey so I am so excited! Listed below is a brief description of what the class is about:

Americanized KickBoxing

Jab, punch, kick, slip, duck & jump your way to fitness! This fun, yet challenging class incorporates various martial arts, boxing, kickboxing and endurance training techniques. This is not a "Cardio/Aerobic" style Boxing class. You will train with "Drills" the way real Kickboxers do! All fitness levels.

My ankle is so so today but I am going to take it easy at the class and hope when I go to the doc tomorrow it will be full of relief. Last night was easy I went swimming for 30 mins then sat in the hot tub for about 15 (helped the ankle some).

I will give you guys the low down on the kickboxing class tomorrow and let ya know how it went (ups and downs).


Lucrecia said...

I used to do Tae Bo - its HARD but it was such a good workout! Be sure to wrap your ankle well - you spend a lot of time with all your weight on one leg.

I hope you have fun!

Tamzin said...

OMG that totally made me thing of the movie Napoleon Dynamite! have you seen it. There is a hilarious kickboxing instructor!! hahaa


hope you had fun!