Fitness Tip of the Day

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Zumba how I have missed U!

Last night I finally made it back to Zumba...YEAH! It was great my favorite instructor Jen was teaching and with her you always have a great time. I am a little sore this morning but I am so glad I went since I really wanted to take a nap when I got home lol!

Tonight I am going back and working on the treadmill (maybe strive) and just keep going back and get myself back where I was a few months ago. It is a long road but I am determined to get back to my old self!


Lynn said...

I missed my zumba class on Monday because of work....and my whole week has gone downhill since then...I can't wait for zumba on Monday so I can get it together!

Lynn Haraldson-Bering said...

You go, girl! I love your determination. You inspire me all over again. Thank you for that :)

carla said...

checking in on you---how you doing? how was the weekend?

Nicola Carless said...

Good to see someone else loving Zumba Classes as much as I do!! How can anyone one resist burning calories, feeling good about themselves AND having fun at the same time? Nicki