Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Skipping Out and Weigh In

Yesterday I went to the Doc and had weigh (of course) and the good news is I have not gained anything yeah but that I am still stuck at 262. Boy that really should get me off my *ss and get going right? Wrong I have not been to the gym all week and my goal is to GO to kick boxing tonight I am really going to try and just do it! I am just becoming this lazy person I was before and I so do not like that. What is it going to take for me to get off my *ss and not be so lazy? I am really becoming very disappointed in myself and I really just need a kick in the butt! At this rate I will regain I turn back into the person I was before and not achieve the goals I have set for myself this past year. Refocusing is so hard and I just need to find my motivation and stick to it! Ok I done ranting now but I really do need to get up and move!


Anonymous said...

STOPP!! Fixating on this. You just need to get out and start enjoying the fun you had before with your friends. Yes, go to the gym, but instead of thinking about how lazy you have become, think about the social aspect of being around people again! There, I am done ranting too!! Love you,
Mary G.

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

Tough love - get off your butt. Being healthy takes work and your exactly right, if you don't snap out of any funk you find yourself in, you will wind up where you started. What do you want?

COMPLAIN! Yes, do it! It is a human phenomenom to complain - but for petes sake, at least do it on the way to the gym! :)

You've come a long ways but one thing I'm sure you are realizing is that you are always going to have to be healthy. Always going to have to go to the gym. Always going to have to make the healthy decision. Your only alternative is to be 322lbs again.

You are in control and we are all here to help!

Meream said...

I love the idea of complaining on the way to the gym. :D

Fat[free]Me said...

Love Jen's answer (and I too LOLed at the complaining on the way bit).

It is hard, but there comes a time when your body craves the exercise - try it for long enough and you will find out!

Jennifer said...

get up and move and you will feel so much better

jules4422 said...

I understand the plateau frustration...I was at 262 for like, 2 weeks. I'm still not much below that. I find that you and I have a similar pattern in how much we lose and when... Hang in there!! You can do it! The scale will move again!!

SeaShore said...

You know the slogan "Just do it". There's a lot of truth to that. Motivation comes and goes, but you have to do it anyway. The next time you find yourself wanting to skip the gym, just get up, put your sneakers on, and go! If you don't want to: DO. IT. ANYWAY. Life is not only about the things we want, right? (I'm trying to teach myself this one *sigh*)

After you start at it again, you may find your motivation increasing. I find that nothing motivates me more to stay on track than success.

Good luck! We're all in this together :)