Thursday, December 17, 2009

30 lbs and Counting!

I went for a check up with my family doctor on Tuesday and was expecting to get on the scale and I figured I might have gained about 20 lbs but my surprise was waiting 30 LBS!!! That means I am only 10 lbs from being 300 lbs again........I am so upset about this! I knew I would gain but this is so not acceptable! All of my friends are saying it will be ok you will do better when you can get around more....well they don't understand that 30 lbs is a lot on me and being even of few pounds near 300 has but me in a tail spin. The Doc put me on Prozac he said I needed to relax and not worry about the weight...come on Doc a pill is not going to help me to not worry about this..........I have to start all over and I feel that all I have accomplished in the past year is for nothing..........and that I have failed myself more than anyone. I just cannot get over it....I know how this happened and I know what to do but just knowing I am right back where I started is bumming me out!

I am back at the gym in the pool for my PT seems to help some I am still having a lot of ankle pain and the Doc is worried. Fingers crossed that in the next 6 weeks (more pt) that I will be able to get back where I need to mentally and physically.


Dutch said...

Oh Mara, we are in the same boat. I have gained back about 35 lbs and am about 12 lbs away from 300. I was doing so well up until Mother's Day. I just lost it emotionally & have been on a downhill spiral.
I know we can do this. I know I should be starting now but am waiting until Jan. 8 when Weight Watcher's is coming to my little town and my hubby is going to be finished getting the garage ready for us to exercise in. Next year is going to be our year. Keeping fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

Ditto Dutch's comment, both on weight gain and trying to get back with Weight Watchers. Will keep you in my thoughts that you look back on what you've been able to accomplish and know that you can do it again.

jules4422 said...

Mara - I'm hearin' you! After my ankle surgery in late July, I've gained back 16 pounds and I'm SO NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT! I've sort of lost my way in the last few days...eating pretty much whatever I want. Totally bummed out is how I feel as well.

I'm enouraged by Dutch's comments above - and I know how much I have been encouraged by your blog. We CAN do it! I'm glad to hear that your doc is being supportive - that's such a good thing.

Hang in there!

Martine said...


I understand your pain, look forward and what is done is done. You have done it once, you can do it again.
Take care Martine xx

All Women Stalker said...

I agree with Dutch and Martine. 2010 will be a good year. :)


SeaShore said...

That sucks that it was worse than you thought. Please don't be discouraged. I hope your ankle starts to improve soon.

I was on Prozac at one point. Actually, it did help me lose weight for a short period. It may give you a boost.