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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Let's talk diet....

Well, a lot people ask me about my diet. I don't really follow one specific diet plan but if I had to choose one it would be Weight Watchers. I just like how they have the plan mapped out for you and how easy it really is. My good friend Cindy follows their plan and comes up with so many wonderful meals that she shares with me and I appreciate it so much. The main goal is just to stay satisfied. My doctor told me to have 6 meals a day but that does not mean having 6 full meals that just means having breakfast then a snack (about 2 to 3 hours later) a good full lunch a snack (about 2 to 3 hours later) a good light dinner (I do not eat later than 7 pm) then a snack before bed (about 1 hour before bed) and then you have no excuse for being hungry at night when you are sleeping and you are also keeping your metabolism up which is the point of the whole diet. Just do what feels right for you. I have found since I have changed my diet that I feel so much better and I don't want all those things I used to love to eat. That does not mean that I don't still want pizza and burgers I just chose not to eat them.

Changing my lifestyle is the biggest challenge I have had to face in my life and I feel that in time it will be the greatest accomplishment I can do for myself. Look to your future not today see yourself in 6 months a year and you can make your dreams come true I have faith in you have faith and courage in yourself. Now if I could just get chocolate out of my diet I would be 100% ok....ha.....


megGT said...

Hi Mara,

I'm not sure if the blog permits posting of links - otherwise I'll email it to you.

I've bought this book and it's making quite a bit of sense ... like also lifting weights to create muscles as they burn more calories. Plus it strengthens the bones better that cardio.

megGT said...

Btw - the above was Anne posting ;-)

Sara said...


Just read your posts. Good for you. Sounds like you are doing things for the right reasons and the right way. I hope the blog helps you through the tough spots.

I blog on food production issues (safety, labelling, technology, production styles)at my I'm interested in how your food choices change as you progress.


Anonymous said...

Another link I found:

No easy way - dang!


Anonymous said...

I see the links get cut off, so here's the belly fat one again: