Monday, May 26, 2008

Will anyone actually notice the difference?????

For the last few days I have been thinking about what it will be like once I have started losing a lot of the weight and looking different. Will anyone actually notice the difference in my appearance? What will they say? How will they react? Will I still feel the same about my body as I do now or will I still feel like the same fat person I am today? These are all really good questions. I feel it will take a lot of adjustments on my part as well as others around me. Come on I have been fat for so long I cannot believe that over night everyone is going to go WOW look at her!!!!! The change will be slow but over time I bet the way people treat me will be more positive as well as the way I see myself will change along the way to a positive one. I am a little afraid of what is to come but I cannot remember a time that I was not over weight and not happy with who I was and what all of that means so to be on the journey to a healthy lifestyle and try to make a difference in my life for myself is a challenge I know it is worth it in the long run and nothing else should matter. But we all want to be accepted and be noticed by others that is what life is about. Will I really care what anyone says? What I think really is the only opinion I should care about right??? I know I am the same person on the inside that I have always been and that I will be true to myself no matter what and that I can win this battle and make a difference for myself and I will be a role model to the one person who needs!


Anonymous said...

As I embark on my own weight loss journey I was pondering about this same thing this past weekend. I've heard more than once where a person wrote that no one noticed their weight loss until they had lost 50 pounds. Wow! That's a lot of time, hard work, and sacrifice for no one to notice for so long. Maybe that's why it really has to be about us wanting to change our lives for ourselves and no one else.

However, I can't help but think that somewhere along the way people may see a difference in a way that isn't obvious such as, "Does she have a different hair style?" meaning we are starting to look better but people can't quite put their finger on why that is.

Sending you lots of support!


Anonymous said...

First time to see your blog, Mara, and I am impressed. This post reminded me of a couple of situations when I had lost weight. Recently I lost 15 lbs. I mentioned it to someone (my pants were falling off as usual) and they looked me up and down to see if they noticed a difference. I had to laugh, I NOTICED A DIFFERENCE! I don;t care if they do or not.

Remember when I lost all that wieght with Adkins the first time? A close friend whom I hadn;t seen in awhile asked me if I was using a new makeup, I looked different. Yeah I looked different, I lost about 30 lbs!!

And the hub rarely notices because he sees me all the time. But I notice. It makes you wonder how others can't! My old clothes are HUGE!

Regardless I am proud of you, and I will continue on with my diet as well. It's no longer about looking like a 20 yr old, it's about our HEALTH! HOORAY FOR MARA! Keep it up and I will cointinue to watch your blog :) Love and miss ya Dom and Shad's mom