Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My first set back...

Well I have my first set back. My left knee has been bothering me for a couple of days and today when I went to work out with my trainer Donna it was hurting some and continued while we where training. I am hoping over the next few days it will work itself out and I will be able to continue with my regular routine. I am on such a great high right now I hate to think I might not be able to continue with the training.

On a good note I went out with a group of friends tonight for one of our gang’s bdays and they were all like you can cheat tonight Mara it will be ok and I said no you guys I have been so good on my routine that breaking it would be defeating the goal. So I achieved it again tonight and I am so proud of myself. And also this is first time EVER that I have not had chocolate all day!!! Chocolate is the one thing that I have been having trouble with breaking with. So another accomplishment. I think that chocolate will somehow creep back into me life tomorrow but I am so proud today......give the girl a post everyone I am lonely......thanks for your support.


Sciel said...

congrats! :D
I know it's hard to cut down on chocolate - not sure I ever could - but it's ok to eat it if it's just a little each day :)
No sense in torturing yourself, just keep to the limits! :)

Anonymous said...

No chocolate?Your a much STRONGER woman then l will ever be.

RivkA with a capital A said...

it's ok to eat it if it's just a little each day

not really. chocolate is a LOT of empty calories. A good friend of mine noticed that she was putting on a little bit of weight after her first child was born. She realized that the only change she had made was eating a small chocolate bar each day. As soon as she cut that out, her weight went back to normal.

I wish it was that easy for me!!