Sunday, June 29, 2008

Back in the groove......

This week I am starting back with my trainer Donna (her Mom is doing better) and I am actually looking forward to it. I told her how much I actually missed working out twice a week with her and she was so excited about my progress so far (my cholesterol, 2 more lbs lost etc). That just shows that when you get into a routine and something new that you can miss it. I have been keeping up with my cardio everyday (except yesterday I took a day off) so I can get in shape for the 5k I am going to be walking in October. I am actually getting excited about that and cannot wait to see how I do. I cannot believe all the new things I have planned for the next few months and how much I have changed since starting my new lifestyle. I encourage you all to make a change and see just what can happen for you. Keep on the look out for the updates coming this week to the blog with my measurements (finally) and also some new workout photos.

Also, just a quick thank you to everyone for leaving comments on my blog. You all keep me going and inspire me with your thoughtfulness.

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Anonymous said...

Today is the day
got to get back in the groove - you can do it - I have faith - just think soreness, aches, and pains - but it's worth it - I'm proud of you - you're doing great
You go girl..
Love MoM and the boys