Friday, June 6, 2008

Fast food friend or foe???????????

I have had to adapt to the fast food world since changing my lifestyle and noticed that they have actually adapted to us. I usually eat out for lunch at work and when I do I have a lot of choices. At Arby’s they have some wonderful salads that are to die for. And they change them up everyday 2 months or so give them a try but they also have this wonderful chicken salad wrap that I highly recommend with a fruit cup on the side. At Wendy's I usually get a small chili and a side salad and they also have wraps which makes your choices limitless. I try and stay away from McDonalds and Burger King but I was told they actually have some really nice salads as well as some other options (I will check them out and let you know). One of my next favorite spots is Subway they have the Jared menu (since he lost all of that weight it can't be all that bad right?). And most of the items you can get on a wrap which I love! Chick-Fil-A is another good one to look at - I have grown up on this food and they have so many choices from salads to fruit too many fat free items you cannot go wrong. Now my all time new favorite has to be Papa Johns pizza. They just came out with this whole wheat crust that I am told is really good and healthy. Now keep in mind as long as you do not load your pizza up with a lot of extras you can keep it pretty low fat and carb friendly and it should be worth the try. I love a good burger and fries but since we have so many great choices now a days we can feel good about what we are eating and not have to loath going out to eat anymore . It seems that the fast food industry is finally coming around to how everyone is trying to live there lives....What do you think?

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Tom said...

Hey Mara, I found you blog over at Iowa Avenue. I agree that it is good that fast food places are now selling healthier alternatives to the normal fried food and burgers. I'm not sure if they are doing it out of the goodness of their hearts, but I think we as consumers are better off for it. I read through some of your other posts, and I really want to commend you for your efforts. Keep your focus, and I'm sure you'll achieve your goals.