Monday, July 28, 2008

How old am I??????

This weekend I went shopping to add some new tops to my wardrobe but what a disappointment it was. First off I still have to shop in the plus size stores (hopefully not for long) which are ok, for now, but I have to say my eyes were really opened this weekend on just what is available to me. Like most women my age I would like to dress like I have some sort of style but I felt that I was not given the same variety as you see in the misses’ dept or even the career woman's. My Mother went with me (she is 62) and her first response to me was I would not even wear this stuff. Most of the clothes I saw are made for women who are older (no offence grandma) which is fine for them but what about me? It just made me realize just how much hard work I have ahead of me so I can get into the clothes that I want to wear and that means getting into sizes that are under a size 16. I mean come on who wants to look like they are in some kind of tent and why do all the t shirts show my arms - anyone knows that a women who is overweight usually does not like to show their arms. (I am not ready yet). I have to admit that some of the shirts where ok but showing too much skin is something else I cannot understand. I guess there are some overweight women who are ok showing off their bodies and their size but I am just not one of them. Sometimes I feel like a second class citizen just because I am not a size 2 and that we are not entitled to look good or even have some type of choices given to us as they do for anyone who is overweight. Between the prints, the shirts not being long enough (to cover my huge stomach) to the strips that are horizontal (big girls should not wear these they only make us look bigger!). I ended up not buying anything which was a huge disappointed - but it did gave me the courage to move forward on my journey.

How do you feel about this and what alternatives do you find?


Beverly Mahone said...


I totally agree with you! The clothing styles for older plus size women are TERRIBLE! I recall several month ago, Ann Taylor announced plans to create a line of clothing for boomer women but so far I haven't seen any evidence of it.

We deserve to look good if we choose to! Thanks for this enlightening post!

Doris said...

Ya know the choices out there for women are so limited. Which is a shame considering that all women are beautiful!

I have a friend who had a really large bust, and there were no pretty tops or bras for her. It's a shame really!

If I had the talent I'd design clothing for those women who have so many problems finding cute things.


Anonymous said...

Depends on where you shop. Dress Barn (for nice suits and dresses) and on line (Just My Size and others) can have attractive professional and casual items - yes there is a lot of stuff for the under 30 plus size, but I've managed to find things to wear at the two I cited (and I'm 60 and size 22-24).


~Jamie said...

Honey I feel you! I have found two stores that I shop at, and other than that I just don't even mess with the other ones. I am not into looking like a grandma!
Lane Bryant has great clothes (and the best bras ever made... the balconette)
And I shop online at a store called Torrid! That store is MEGA fun and TOTALLY trendy!

Hope that helps! I am working on losing the weight too... but I still like to look good in the mean time!

MizFit said...

I agree and I know ALL MY READERS agree :)

a fitness company contacted me yesterday asking if Id poll my readers as to what they like in plus sized workout wear (not clothes---I know :( ) as they believe it is a HORRIBLY unfilled need.


Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean. I hardly ever went shopping because of the choices I had. It was a proud day for me when I finally was able to cut up what I called "my big girl credit card" - it was from Avenue and the only place I ever felt had decent stylish clothes. It feels very good to known I can walk into any store now and buy clothes. You will get there to - one day at a time. I had a bad weekend ... your blog has reminded me again why I started this process. Thanks - I'm back on track even thou I may gain this week on my weigh in.

deanna said...

You are right on point. It is horrible and the main reason I hate shopping. It's all ulgy flowers, appliques, and old farty clothes. I am finally in a XL in a "regular" store, so I have a few more options. Sometimes I try a Macys or Bloomies in a bigger city, they usually have more style and a better selection. Lane, Avenue, Target all stink!!!!