Saturday, August 2, 2008

1 down and 1,000 to go............

Many of you might not know that I am TERRIFIED of heights and when I set out on my new journey I made a list of things I would love to accomplish and one of them is to get over my fear of them. Today I challenged myself to do just that, I went to the Peak Experiences - they are an indoor rock climbing center (website is I was so nervous but ready to give it a try and face the thing that has me terrified beyond belief. I took my Mom (fyi who is 62) she was so ready and she really did surprise me more than I think she knows. I actually made it off the ground - Jeff (our instructor) was kind enough to be so patient with me and then he guided us through the do's and don'ts and what to expect vs what not, he then tightened us in our harnesses then proceeded to lead us to one of the walls. I went first since it was my idea and I have to say I even did better than I thought I would until I looked down (yeah I know a no no) that is when I had to let go (which left me hanging in the air - oh my) - all in all it was a great experience and a great workout (my arms are hurting so bad but in a good way). I am planning on going back in 2 weeks and giving it a try again my goal is to make it to the very top (which is farther than I can ever imagine making it to right now). I encourage all of you to try something that you never thought you could do. I am surprising myself each week with things I NEVER thought I could do - and I know you can to - just get up and try it I know you can think of one thing that you have always wanted to do but never thought possible (believe me I can think of many). I really could just make excuses and sit on the couch and just not do anything or even live life but as I always say, I give myself permission to live the life I choose...........get up and just do it!

Jeff the instructor
The Fearless 2!

I have posted some pics of the experience to share with you guys.......have fun choosing your goal and leave me a post I would love to hear about what you challenged yourself to do.


Cindy B said...

I go to the VA here in Jacksonville, Florida and they have these little cards for mission motivate and that's how I found you. WOW, I just want you to know how gratefulI am that you are here! I started my journey on June 3rd after a dr.'s appt. I am 44yrs old and weighed in at 235lbs. She made an appt for 6mths with new blood work and we have set a goal of 25lbs in 6 mths. I have to loose 100lbs so that will be 2 yrs. My beautiful daughter will grad from college in may 2010 and that is my goal to be sitting at her graduation actually fitting into the seats. After 2 mths I have lost 13 lbs and can ride my ex. bike for 30min 5 miles. Thank you thank you for sharing your story. congrats to you and me..... take care...cindy b

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO! Good for you T! I haven;t tried to do anything like that since I was in my 20's and I had to because I was in the Marines! A friend of mine climbed a Rock Wall at the Strawberry Festival on her 50th birthday and made it to the top. I stood in the shade... of course!

I am so proud of you! i tell all our friends to check out your blog and I hope they are!

I dod something I thought I would never do, and would have said no if they told me i was going to do it! My GS troop walked over the Brooklyn Bridge - 1 1/4 miles - in 100 degree heat index. It was hot as you know where, but I made it and am so proud of myself and out group!

And reading back I see you had a slip backwards. Hang in there when you reach there, because who knows what it could have been?? Like I told you in the Txt, or too much water retrention, or you ate the wrong thing, or too much or the dreaded PLATEAU!!! I had one of those that lasted for weeks when I was on Adkins and it was horrible! No progress, no matter what!

I am so proud of you :):) I can;t wait to see the new you!

Love ya! Barb :)

Anonymous said...

You "rock"! Rock climbing is something I would love to try as well and one of these days I will! Also, I will be able to ride on a roller coaster again one day. I am embarrassed to say I would not fit into the seats today, but I will get there.

You always amaze me. Keep up the good fight!

Joy's Journey in Weightloss said...

Hi! I am new to your blog. Thanks for sharing your story. Congrats on your peak adventures. You have inspired me to think about my next one!

Liz said...

Wow, I am so impressed with how you keep challenging yourself! And you look great in the pictures here, I can already see a difference from the first pictures you posted. Keep up the good work!