Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Good news...but something scary......

Went to the sports med doctor today and all looks good but it seems I have a muscle strain and my muscles are also very tight - so he suggested that I am over doing it on my training and I need to work on getting new shoes, cross training, foot and ankle exercises to be done before working out and most importantly working out in the pool. Well, my trainer will be happy she has been trying to convince me to work out in the pool for some time now but I am so reluctant due to the fact I do not like bathing suits. At 300 lbs I really don't like the idea of looking like a whale and the thought of working out in front of all the people at the gym at the hour I go is not something I am looking forward to doing. I have not worn a bathing suit since my son was 9 months old (that is the picture on this page) - I know all of this is in my head and if I just could get my head to listen to reason and learn that this is good for me I would be better off (better said than done). My Doctor said it will be a better cardio work (as did my trainer) out and I will lose more weight (and I am all for that) and I also need to really give it a try. So Donna (my trainer) I guess you WIN! I just have to find a way to be comfortable in my own skin and not focus too much on everybody else around me and just be myself. Ok ok I know I am a 41 year old women and this should not be a big deal right - I feel like such a little kid – I need help ladies any advise? What do you wear to the pool?


Anonymous said...

Do you know anyone who owns a decent size pool or are there any private pools that you can hire for an hour or two in your area?
I know what you mean about getting into a swimsuit. I did it for the first time in several years the summer before last when we went on holidays and th hotel had a lovely pool. I wore a wrap most of the time, but I did go in the water and to honest at first I was embarassed but after the first go I thought, what the heck, at least I'm going in for a swim. If other people don't like that they can move or not watch. My kids really enjoyed it that I went in the pool with them and that made it all worth while. The hotel also had some "older" people staying so I didn't just have young "hotties" to contend with and this certainly helped. One of my private "boosts" was "at least I don't have as many wrinkles as some of the people here". So I focused on the positive rather than the negative. And just to make you laugh, there was a guy there and he was 80 if he was a day wearing a pair of speedos. Well, I won't go any further down that line, but you can imagine tufts of white hair showing EVERYWHERE!
Just do it. Go for it and "to hell" with anyone who stares or makes comments. You could be helping other people get up the courage to do the same as you.
Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jackie, you need to do this so you can reach your weight loss goals! I haven't worn a bathing suit in over ten years, so I understand!

Don't worry about what other people think, go for it!

You can do it Mara!

Julie :)

Anonymous said...

swimsuits! Ugh! I agree. I have two. One was my mother's and expensive one, one piece with a high neck (for OLDER ladies LOL)and I look like I swallowed something large LOL, the other has a skirt that starts at the top of the suit, and makes me look pregnant. so I wrap up on the way to the pool (mu OWN pool!) and on the way out.

I would suggest a small skirt. and you could get one of hose slimming ones which will fit longer and make you feel like your skin is tighter than it is - kinda like a girdle effect.

and just remember, you are out there trying to do something about the situation, not in the store buying all the junk food. if anyone has the NERVE to say anything, point that out!

o yeah, I often wear a tshirt over the suit, but it won;t be an option when you are exercising!

Good lock :)

Don & Shadow's mom!

ate Lyssand said...

remember that everyone else is worried with them selves.I had how to say this in english.Well the hormones that are to help you when you give birth kicked in way too early.so it was hard to walk .But afterwards I had to be so carefull ,and water was a way of exercising and not hurting the legiments,I just did it.You can do this.It really works ,take care ate

ate lyssand said...

hi again is it a option to do spinning befor you start in the swimmingpool.Spinning keeps the weight off your feet.!And you weigh 140 kg.Think of those nummbers instead of your pounds.