Friday, August 29, 2008

Music to my ears.....

On CNN today there is an article for "How to walk off the belly fat"...this is music to my ears because that is one of the areas I have been working on for the last 3 months and yes it is starting to work some but as impatient as I am - I am always looking for other ways to help me with the that specific problem area. To read the entire articles go to:

I don't know about all of you but this is one of areas I have that I so want to see change. I am just trying so hard not to focus on just one area but this is the one that until I see a significant difference I will not be happy. I bought a new shirt yesterday to wear to the gym and one of my pet peeves is I don't like clingy clothes and this shirt kind of hugs my middle and I was feeling a little self conscious so I asked my Mom how does it look? She said well you can tell that you are getting smaller in that area and it looks good. I so appreciate her complimenting me but I don't feel the same way. I am sure all the exercising I am doing is making a difference but as I told her until I see it - I cannot see it the way she does. Yes, I admit I should not be so negative (I am still working on it guys) my journey has taught me something new each day and it is teaching me to be more patient with myself and I am just not there yet. Don't get me wrong I love hearing the compliments I receive but again until I see it I am never going to be able to see myself any other way than that 322 lbs person I have been for so long.....I am sure I hurt peoples feelings when I say thanks but I don't agree - But again a lot people don't get how it is to be overweight and how we struggle each day as I have said in some of my past post you have to live it to understand the struggle. One of my good friends told me unless they have been overweight they don't get what is in our heads. And she is right I never really thought of it that way until she pointed it out to me.

So thanks you guys for giving me those wonderful compliments please keep them coming and know I do appreciate them but understand that until I see the results I will never see what you see.

Another one of my favorite quotes (and it rings true for me each day):

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent"
Eleanor Roosevelt


ate said...

I have been over weight.I am not now.You are on the right track.You are doing real well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this article. My belly is the one part of my body that needs alot of work. I'm going to try this and will let you know in a month or two how it's working. Hope it works for you !!!

geneven said...

The key, to me, is getting interested in fitness for its own sake. When I started running, I was quite overweight and I didn't care if I died during running because my heart was broken. I discovered it was quite fun. Now I jog 7 miles quite often, and ten miles on occasion. Maybe next year I will try a marathon. I'm still overweight, but it is great feeling like I can cope easily with almost any physical challenge.

Anonymous said...

I am exactly your age and have been over weight for most of my adult life (for the past 10 yrs I have been obese). A long time ago a very wise woman said to me, "When someone gives you a compliment simply say, Thank You." They do not have to know all the rest of how you feel. If you keep shooting down a person's compliments they are liable to go away. It is very hard, but try it. You may be suprised at how good you feel.