Thursday, August 28, 2008

Motivation, don't give up

I have noticed in the last few weeks a lot of the blogs I visit are talking about how to keep up your motivation. Deb at, talks about Self-Motivation and how at her gym she was given a homework assignment for a weekend to track your motivation for workout - it is a good read please go by and see what she did to keep on track.

Zandria at, is taking a strip aerobics class and I have to say I am inspired to see if I can find one. Go by and see how the class went and what she learned.

Lynn at, has been on maintenance for over a year and still has to find the motivation to keep up with her program. Lynn is my inspiration so go by and see why she deserves our praise.

I know in my case I have to motivate my self everyday. I have noticed that in the past few weeks since I had my break down over gaining 4 lbs and then losing it - I have found the motivation I need to push forward. It is tuff but it can be done - I just make sure I surround myself with the people who are positive and who are also working for the same goals I am - Don't give up on yourself it takes a lot of courage to pick yourself up and move forward - I know it is for me but remember we are all in this together.

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