Monday, October 20, 2008

Not enough time

This weekend I set out to make a schedule of all the goals I have set for myself for the next few months and realized - there is not enough time in the day! Now I know this is nothing new but since I have been working on so many things I thought it would be nice to sit down and make a plan (I am a planner). Between work, my social life and the gym I have found I need more hours in the day. The half marathon I am working on is going to require a lot of time - time I am going to have to find. The problem I am having is it seems I might have to give up some of the activities I love at the gym. That would mean no bodypump or Zumba. I am just beside myself that I want be able to squeeze it all in. I really hope I can come up with something that will work - Any words of advice? What do you do?

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