Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This and That!

Over the last few days I have been nursing a toe injury (that is what I get for cleaning my house!). I went to Zumba on Sunday and was not able to participate the way I like. Then on Monday bodypump we start a new series (they switch it up every couple of months) and wouldn't you know it you have to use your feet a lot which means a lot of toe involved. So yesterday I went to have it looked at and thank goodness it is not broken just really bruised (it is blue). So no work out last night but tonight is swimming and I am actually looking forward to it. Also hard to train for the half marathon but I did get in 2 miles on Sunday (nothing since bummer) but I am determined to do it. There are some 5k/10k walks coming up in the next few months so I think I might give them a try and it will keep me focused on the big goal.

My son comes tomorrow night (cheers all around) and staying until Sunday so I am thinking not much gym time in the next few day. But we are going to Busch Gardens Hallow-O-Scream so I think I might get some walking in that might count right! But I am also thinking of taking him with me on Sunday to Zumba so he can see just what old Mom is up too. We will see.

My friend Dee went to a Salsa class last night and had such a blast so I am thinking of joining her next week. It really sounds like a lot of fun and as I always say anything that burns calories I am game. I will try and post some new pics from my trip with my Son and also update the pic on the right of him and I just to see if there is a difference (fingers crossed).

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zandria said...

"Ew" for a nasty bruised toe! Hope it heals quickly. :(