Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's time and a nomination!

In the next few weeks I am going to do something I never thought possible - I am going to try on a pair of blue jeans! It has been over 15 years since I wore the last pair of blue jeans that I can recall. Do to my weight I am one of those people who does not like to wear anything that shows all the bumps and imperfections I tend to wear black nylon pants that are not clinging and that hang off me and make me look bigger and shopping not that enjoyable for me. A lot of my worries are my own nothing that other people see but things I want to change and know I am well on my way to doing just that - but I still have this image in my head that makes it tuff for me to see past all my imperfections and focus on my accomplishments. I am working on excepting who I am and that my weight should not define me (it is a tough transition but I am well on my way) and I know in the long run I will be a better person for it.

So a new challenge for me I am stepping out of my "comfort zone" again and hopefully will be able to follow through (Dee, Cindy and my trainer will make sure I do)- I will take some pics to show just what I have accomplished.

This weekend is a busy one Friday was my rest day, today is working on half marathon and having some friends over for a girls night and Sunday is Zumba and walk 4 miles so I am back on track and feeling great - thanks again everyone for keeping up with me!

Also a very special thank you to Liz at, she has nominated my blog for
Here are the rules of the nomination:

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THANKS Liz for the recognition and I hope I can live up to the standards. I will come up with a list of who I think deserves this award in my next post.

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45 and Aspiring said...

Congrats on the jeans! I never wore jeans as a kid or teen because I could never find any for kids my size so I have a sense of what you feel like.

I am so inspired by how active you are! I have a trainer too, but I'd much rather be in the pool than exposed on a rock wall!! You go!

And I will have to check out his Zumba of which you speak. . . I wonder if that is what I see them doing in my gym behin that HUGE glass wall. . .!!

Congrats on all your progress & success so far!