Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Self Sabatoge

The last few days I have been feeling so sluggish - I am putting it on not working out for the last few weeks. I have such a negative attitude and I don't feel as inspired as I normally do. Over the last few weeks I have not been focused on my routine but have mainly stuck to my eating habits which seems to be a good things since I lost 3 lbs last week with no regular exercise. I did not go to the gym last night - I am blaming it on not feeling well - but I really could have went and really worked my *ss off. Do you guys ever get in a situation where you just don't want to follow through and how do you work it out and get back on track?

I am going to get with my trainer tomorrow and try and figure out what is going on. Do I need to be re inspired? Try something new? Or just get off my *ss and do better?


Anonymous said...

Hang in there sweetie. Don and I are dieting too, and in induction to Adkins, which is a REAL PAIN. We are planning a second honeymoon to Hawaii in May and booked coach seats. COACH! Something has to go, like about 100 lbs! So we are sticking to it, even with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming.

There ares times I want to chuck it all and eat a piece of bread or something, but I don;t. I just think of me in a bikini on the beaches of Hawaii NOT!

RE: exercising - just do what you can when you can, go to the gym and set a lesser goal for yoursel and by the time you reach that goal, you will feel better and might be able to finish your times and/or sets.

One step at a time, recover from your mistakes, and hang in there!

Love and miss ya - B

Lynn Haraldson-Bering said...

Mara, read your last two posts. Remember how it felt when you wrote them? You were excited! Or ate last you came across that way in your writing. Time for some tough self-love, babe. When you feel most like quitting or not going or eating whatever, you HAVE to tell yourself no. No, no, no. Don't wallow in the feeling of "ugh...I don't want to (fill in the blank)". Either do something to distract yourself or face the feelings head on and write/talk about them. See them for what they really are. You can do this.

Nix-Chic said...

Mara, you have had alot going on in the past few weeks. For more insperation why not try looking at the photos on your page showing where you want to be and where you have been. You are doing an amazing job with sticking with your programs, don't give up! You can do this!! If you are beating yourself up over anything, let it go!, it is not worth your own self.

Remember to that, it is that time a year for people to be a little more sluggish (nature). You have to redirect your thoughts and spice things up a little :) you will make it through this!! I have confidence in you!!!!

SunflowerDaisies said...

It is really hard for me to stay motivated. Thoughts can be so deceptive, and it is hard not to let them get the best of you. I'm not sure why a person does it, but I guess you just have to think positive thoughts, and pick yourself up and try again!

SunflowerDaisies said...

Though after reading my comment, I have to say, it's easier said than done! LOL

MizFit said...

reinspired? I know that I often need that and it's so PERSONAL what motivates me.

I can admit that it's often the superficial.

I get a pedicure if I stick to my routine for a month.
I get a training session if I stick to my weight training routine for 3 more weeks.


that kind of thing.

and many times it's just reminding myself why Im doing all this (longevity) and making myself keep going whether I wanna or not.