Sunday, December 28, 2008

7 Miles and counting!

Today marks the day I walked 7 miles - BOY am I tired and I am having some trouble with my ankle today. I was lucky to walk with two of my friends who were there to support me - thanks guys! I was doing really well until mile 5 and then my legs were begging me to give up but I did not and I am really happy to say I feel great!

Next week I am back on my training - I so need it- today just proved to me how out of shape I am just from not going to the gym in almost a week lol! Monday I am going swimming Tuesday will probably be my off day Wednesday walk 3 miles Thursday walk 3 miles and Friday off day. I am refocused (yet again) and will reset some goals next week. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and you also get back on track like me.


Alette Siri Ane said...

thankyou!I am going ice bathing !and you are the one who has given me this courage!

Tamzin said...

Great Job!! 7miles is no easy feet...haha errr feat!


hope the ankle is feeling better asap!!