Monday, December 1, 2008

A new class

On Saturday morning Dee asked me to join her in the Abs class she has been taking so off we went. First of all I was so terrified - I have heard so much about this class - as in the first 30 mins. you are on the floor and your butt the whole time and that you have to hold yourself up with your arms and how it is so intense. I went in with an open mind because the gentleman that teaches the class looks great (trust me he has great Abs!). Dee and I set up in the back as usual (I don't want to be the center of attention on my first try ha), As promised we started on the mat on the floor doing a lot of stretches (which I love one of my goals is to be able to touch my toes standing or sitting down) and proceeded to do a lot of sit ups (100 of them) well I only did 40 which I was very surprised to say I really could do - we then moved on to some other exercises that I don't know the name of but you are on your butt the whole time lifting your legs off the floor and moving back and forth then on to some others that you have to lean on your side and lift your legs off the floor. During the course of the class I was getting a headache (did I stress myself out - probably) but I proceeded to continue with the class as I was determined to complete it no matter what.

After 30 mins. we started doing some exercise I know squats, stretches etc. and I was really glad the class lasted only 45 mins. The instructor Michael (he makes it look so easy lol) is so good he knows what he is doing and lets you know that if you can not accomplish the exact exercise that you have alternatives which I really needed. When we reached the last 5 mins. I was really glad we ended with more stretching and relaxing before ending the class. As I was putting away my mat Michael approached me and gave me a hug and said You did a really good job for your 1st time – wow was he really just being nice or did I do a good job – It just felt good to be reminded that even when you cannot accomplish something 100% you are rewarded in some way for at least trying.

The lesson I learned if you want great Abs you really have to work hard for it.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mara,
Kelly from the Kyle site, just wanted to say congratulations to you on all your weight loss and your exercising programs, now if only I could kick my boyfriend into doing what you are doing LOL, he is so lazy and eats like crazy he is 6'1 and is 175kg sorry don't know what that would be in pounds don't use them here in AUS. Once again congrats.

LastJourneyDown said...

You go! Great job on your part - you went beyond what you thought you could do, which is extra fabulous! Keep it up!