Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oprah - 1 of my hero's!

What is there to say about Oprah, she is so much too so many but to me she is one of my Hero's. She is just so honest about her weight and her ups and downs. In the new issue of her magazine "O" (http://www.oprah.com/magazine/omagazine) she discusses her weight gain and how it has effected her in the last few months. Just like many of us she struggles with her weight and knows what causes it but has the same problems we all due.


I think she looks great on the cover!

I love how she is always so honest and open about herself and shows that no matter whom you are you can "fall off the wagon" but you also can get right back up and be successful. I personally understand her statement of "feeling like a cow" because there are some days that is how I feel.

Cheers to you Oprah and know we are all behind you and thanks for keeping it real for all of us!

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