Monday, January 26, 2009

Hoping for more!

I started off my weekend really well I was able to walk 3 miles at the gym without that much pain and then was hoping on Sunday to be able to finally accomplish the 10 miles I so desperately want too.

The weather here has been really cold and on Sunday it was only in the 30's for the high with that and my ankle acting up that morning it was not going to be a good day. I started off ok but by mile 3 it was down for the count. I was able to make it around for a total of 5 miles which was ok but I so wanted to strive for more.

My only relief is I start PT on Wednesday and I am hoping that it will help me be able to stretch it out and get it back at least to 90%. I have started the patches the doc gave me and yesterday I did get a headache from them so I am really watching how they affect me and hopefully they will start helping with the pain.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and remember don't give up life is too short to think we cannot accomplish anything!

1 comment:

Sabs said...

There is always a next time. Don't give up on your goals!

I take my hat off to you for even walking as far as you did!