Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Up and Ready!

Since Monday I have been doing really well at the gym. I went to Zumba and worked on the elliptical walked on the treadmill for 15 mins and Last night I went to Strive and I am really feeling it today. But I did find out some good news there is an Abs class on Wednesday's at 4:30 pm I am so there next week! I asked Michael if this was true and he said yep I will see you there right lol! He is just so darn cute lol!

But on a good note I have been really thinking about my rut. I am working on it but I can see where it will take some time to "search" myself for what needs to be done to resolve it. I am finding it tuff because when you doubt yourself even for one minute it is so hard to look past that and see the future. But that is life and we always need to remember who we are and realize we are much better than we think. I did read some of the feed back (greatly appreciated) and the one that hit home was, "You don't let your weight define who you are". What truer words have been spoken!

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Zandria said...

I'm in a similar situation, Mara -- not so much with working out but feeling like I'm in a rut in my everyday life. I definitely need to try to figure this out.. :)