Friday, May 29, 2009

I am always amazed - Weigh In!

I went to the Doc today and I had to weigh of course and to my surprise I only gained 1 lb???? hmmm all of the worrying I have been doing and that is all it is? Once again the body knows how to surprise me!!!!


Fat[free]Me said...

Must have been the walking and the kickboxing!

Now that doesn't mean you can go mad and eat everything in sight this weekend though, lol!

Martine said...

You can never tell with the scales. Hope all is well. I am struggling with my weight at present but your blog does inspire me with exercise, so I am putting a plan together. Martine

Miz said...


and you KNOW Im with fatfreeme.

lets thank it by kicking some booty this week in the eating fanTIZtastic and moving as much as we can department :)