Monday, May 11, 2009

It's nice to have friends!

Friday night I went to a birthday party for one of my friends and she had invited one of her really close friends that she has known for over 10 years. I got to know her really well this Saturday when we spent the whole day together and come to find out she is a dietician! Wow I have never actually met someone who specializes in this field. So we where chatting and my friend told her I have almost lost 60 lbs in a year and we got on the subject of foods. She told me that eating right is part of your healthy life style that so many people do not take control of (and BOY is she right) and that eating healthy is the only way you will succeed on your journey. I have to say I really liked getting to know her and getting her feed back on so many things I question on a day to day basis. I really believe people are brought into your lives for a reason and I think she may have helped motivate me and get me off the couch! I feel very blessed for the wonderful friends I have in my life!

Today I am off to the gym after work to walk on the treadmill (did not get much in this weekend) and tomorrow night I going to see the new Star Trek movie (in IMAX) I am so excited! And Wednesday is my birthday (my son is coming into town) and I will be taking my son there with me for some gym time and the rest of the week looks ok.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!


* K * said...

I love this..."eating healthy is the only way you will succeed on your journey"

I'm reminding myself this very thing everyday!

Shelley said...

How very cool to meet such a knowledgeable person at this time in your life!

Meream said...

How wonderful!

MizFit said...

(have fun tonight! my husband saw the movie and adored it)

and it is a lot food-choices huh?

love her quote and entirely agree.

we can workout till the proverbial cows return home :) but if we're not fueling well 80% of the time---it almost doesn t matter.

jh said...

Happy Birthday and good for you for recognizing the many forms of support and inspiration our friends can give us. Have a great day.

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Juice said...

Glad you got some great feedback on your journey from a reliable source. :) And way to go getting back in the gym!