Friday, May 1, 2009

No go!

This post will be about being honest. Over the past few weeks I have not followed through on my workout plans. Last night, as many of the last few weeks, I went to bed by 8:00 PM I know what is that. I am trying to get out of the routine of going to bed so early but I just can't break the cycle. The time I spent in the hospital really did a number on me. I have to take naps now all I want to do is eat and sleep and just have no motivation for anything. What is going on why is this so hard? I want to go to the gym I want to do better I want to stop eating - HELP!

I am going to make a new promise to myself - GET UP AND MOVE! This weekend I am going to try refocusing and getting my fat butt up and just do it! I want this more than anything in my life and I know in the end the results will be worth it.

Happy weekend everyone!


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

I promise Mara, it's worth it. This is all on you, you are the only one who can decide to keep making the decisions you know are going to get you to your goal.

I know you can do it and am so glad you are sharing your journey with us! It is a constant struggle and you are doing great!

Meream said...

Keep going, Mara! I love how your posts are always positive. :)

Erin said...

Keep going just get back on track!!

MizFit said...

OK Woman.

did you MOVE IT MOVE IT this weekend?

if not---how can we git you to moving this week?

Anonymous said...