Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Up and down

Yesterday was check up day at the Doctors office and it went well but....he wants me to have some tests done on my stomach. I told him as long as he did not mention the H word (Hospital) I would do whatever he liked. Years ago I had a similar test done and they told me I was developing an ulcer so hence the new test he wants to rule out that the ulcer is active and could be part of some of the problems I am having.

I did have to weigh in and it was ok I gained 2 lbs (back to 265) I am upset about it but I know why it happened (love potato chips and cake!) so I am going to work on losing the 2 lbs and also work on getting back to my routine. I will admit this week has not been going well I have only been to the gym once and I know I need to get up off the couch and get going. Positive thinking people it is the only way!


Fat[free]Me said...

Sorry about the additional doc visit - what a pain, but if there is something wrong with your stomach, it is best to get it treated.

Shame about the gain, but you can knock it back off again quickly if you focus - the gym really helps!

Alette Siri Ane said...

Do not be so hard on yourself!You know you will get there!

Meream said...

Sending positive vibes your way! :D

carla said...

you are so right in the positive thinking.

Onward and DOWNWARD.


Gym plans today?