Monday, June 22, 2009


Yesterday I was talking to Dee (my gym buddy) and we both said we have been so lazy. Dee opened a new business a couple a months ago and she has been really busy so we have not been keeping each other accountable. She has gained a few pounds as I know I have (I am so afraid of the scale) but we both said we need to get up and just do it and stop making excuses. Having someone that can be accountable with you is a great way to keep up your momentum and also it keeps you in line with your work outs. I find if I have someone to answer to that I feel obligated to go to the gym and eat right and know that I have someone who understands what I am going through. Most of my friends are like a size 5 or 10 and they don't get that I struggle everyday (not saying that people who are these sizes don't struggle with something) but I find that someone like me has the worst habits and excuses.

I am hoping in the next few weeks to get up with Dee and make a new plan and we can re dedicate ourselves to helping each other and making us a priority. Do you find if you have someone you answer to on your journey it makes you more committed?


SeaShore said...

I would say this is mainly why I keep paying WW to weigh me every week: not the meetings as much as the accountability. It's easier to kid myself, not another person writing my weight down in a book ;)

On my own I would probably stop getting on the scale (after a bad week) and that always spells disaster for me.

Delisha said...

I use the Wii fit for goal setting and I also have joined a BL competition in my mommy group. I know how competitive I can get and it was just what I needed to keep me on the right path. I wish the best of luck to you.


Miz said...

for me it is me.
and my daughter.
when Ive slacked and begun eating crap :) and lessening the workouts I cant keep up with her.
the MAMA COME OOOOON!!!! is more than enough to snap me back to CleanEatingWorkOutReality.