Thursday, July 30, 2009


Well I thought I was starting to feel better but over the last few days I have developed a rash near my surgery site (had surgery over a month ago) and let me just say OUCH! At first I thought something might have bitten me but nope the Doc said since I have been sweating so much it has gotten infected... What? Who knew doing something productive could harm you. Well this sets me back some more but I have to listen to my body or I want be able to move forward. Take care everyone I will be back when this is over - soon very soon!


Anonymous said...

you poor thing! :( (hope it's not also related to an allergy to the antibiotics? yes, I like to think of myself as Dr. Sunny, too. ;) )

Hope you feel better soon. :)

Miz said...


hang in there.
for some reason it really sounds painful mentally to me as well.
fighting that SCRATCHING urge.

xo xo,


All Women Stalker said...

Feel better soon!