Friday, July 24, 2009

Trying to Hard

Last night I was working on some paperwork for work and I was thinking about how I am trying so hard to fit everything I have to do into my life and how much is not getting done. The gym is what I noticed suffers the most (imagine) and since my ankle has been giving my fits again I so do not want to do anything. But the hardest part is just getting up and doing it and finding that niche that will inspire me along the way. On this journey I never thought getting up and going to the gym would become such a hard thing. But as many people do we get into a routine and we find ourselves right back where we started and trying to justify it to ourselves that it will be ok. It is not ok that I am no longer losing weight and that I am not doing anything about it.

The hardest thing I am looking at now is just being able to look in the mirror and tell myself you are fine you are on tract knowing I am lying to myself. Bad habits can so get me in trouble. I have gotten back into the habit of having a donut everyday. Ok yes I know I should pass buttttttttttt................this means I am making my eating habits hard also which I should just say no and do what I know is right.

If you had to name one hard thing for you on your journey what would it be and what are doing to make it easier?

Happy weekend everyone!


Dutch said...

I would have to say that it is not just one thing that is hard for me. It is the exercise and the eating right.
It is also hard that my family still wants tons of sweets in the house and that I always seem to be cooking different meals for everyone.
I have not exercised or been eating healthy for about 2-1/2 months. I got on the scale this morning and I have gained 8 lbs back of the 51 I lost.
I know I have to get back on track but right now I am feeling lost and frustrated.
I know where you are coming from.
I hope today will be my day back to focusing on getting healthier.

Kim said...

I wish that I could say there was just ONE thing that felt difficult for me on this journey. It's often a struggle for me to make the best choice for myself - sometimes that is working out when I'd really rather not, sometimes it is passing on the french fries or finishing the last 3 bites of my toddlers lunch. But, I just keep picking myself up and start over. :)

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

It really is so hard to figure out how to fit everything in, you are so right! But I have to point out, life will always be busy. We (me included) will always be able to justify why we are so busy. You are the only one who can continue to push yourself and are doing great - we just have to take it one day at a time...

Shelley said...

Mara, can you ride an exercise bike without making your ankle hurt more? I know for me, if what I was doing at my workout aggravated an injury, I would be less inclined to go. Maybe for a while you need to change up what you are doing - and hey, at least you'd be doing something (and probably your mind would be happier about it as well)!

pish said...

Mara, I'm so sorry to read that you are having a hard time motivating yourself. You have been doing so well; I'm amazed and envious that you lost so much weight so quickly, and how energetic you've been about going to the gym.

I think you are so lucky that you have friends you can work out with. My obesity is such a life-long, deep-seeded embarrassment that I can't bring myself to go to the gym alone or with people I know; but I don't even have friends who work out (they don't need to!). I wish I could be anonymous in the gym in my small town and find someone I don't know that wants to stretch and work out with me and help me learn how to use the equipment without getting bored or impatient with me. I wish I had space in my one room home (that I share with my man) to work out alone, but I don't. That's my biggest struggle... if we lived near each other, I would help motivate you and I know you would help motivate me! In the meantime, I rely on my partner to make me go on walks, but come fall, I'm going to tune my bike up and start riding. I have a plan!

You will get back on track. This is a great time for you to lean on those friends that helped you so much in the beginning. Lots of luck!

Diane, Fit tot he Finish said...

It's hard. I know what you are feeling because I was there. I lost 150 pounds, but not until I was obese for ten years.

Fitting everything is is really difficult, especially as we are all so busy these days.

You will get going!

Martine said...

Mara, so sorry you have lost your mojo. I know it will come back. With me the difficulty I have is that I don't sleep and so midnight to 6am is a time when I snack. Also, another thing with me is the hard work does not reflect on the scales. I am just focusing on what I have to do and taking 1 hour at a time. Good luck and sending positive vibes your way. Martine x

Miz said...

checking on you now that Im back from BlogHer.
how are you feeling now?
any mojo findage over the weekend?

me? LIFE is the hardest thing.
once I get into a great routine everything spontaneously shifts and I need to refind that routine all over again.

always always adjusting here as well.

xo xo,