Thursday, October 7, 2010


Hey everyone sorry I have been out of touch for a while just so much going on and I am just lost.....the job front sucks my weight is horrible and I do not see anything positive coming my way for some time. Trying to keep the attitude upbeat but at times I just feel like a failure and nothing is right with the world. I know so many of us a struggling and I really don't have the right to complain but shit I am so over it! Life does not need to be this hard why can't I get the job why can't I get off my ass and get back into shape something has to change soon or I may explode.........ok venting is good.....


Shelley said...

Sorry things are so rough right now, Mara - I sure hope they improve for you soon. Hang in there, and vent away, my friend!

Kimberly said...

When I feel like my life is in the toilet I always make sure that I don't isolate myself. Get outside. Take a walk. It will make you feel a little better and making finding your way again a bit easier too.

I'm sorry you are so lost.

Trevor said...

Venting is good at times, and gives you an outlet. Take that energy and turn it into positive momentum too.

One thing to remember is that weight loss and challenges with the work front don't have to tie to one another. Both are frustrating, but try not to allow one to compound the other. They are separate.

I fully encourage you to keep pressing on with the weight loss and exercise. Make the time. It is good for your mind/spirit as well.

Perseverance will pay off in both fronts. I am confident.

Wishing you the very best at this time!

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