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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Negative thinking...

I admit it I was so not into working out tonight. I had a headache before I even got to the gym and when I climbed those 24 steps to get to the tread mill I was already tired and ready to go home. But I got on the machine put in my time and weight and just started walking. I have to admit I did start feeling better after 15 mins. so it was well worth it. I usually work out with my trainer on Tuesday and Thursday but last week was her birthday on Thursday so we rescheduled for tonight. So I went in ready to work out but still had a negative attitude. Donna is so great she just takes it in stride and keeps me so motivated. I started out with push ups (on the wall) then jumping jacks on the ball then I took a lap then moved on to some other work outs then we did some cardio for the last 30 mins. I have to say even though I really did not want to work out today I am glad I did because I feel I have really accomplish something. And as determined as I am to lead a better life style this really makes me feel good about myself.

I truly believe losing the weight is the best decision I ever made and know that what lies ahead for my future will be a great one.

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Cheryl R Wood said...

Mara, you have the right attitude to succeed! I know there have been many times that I didn't feel like working out, but you feel SO good after you have done it that it's a bit addicting! Keep up the great work. I'm right there with ya!

aka jaz228 on Kyle's Korner
your neighbor in Delaware!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Don't quit! Hang in there. The beginning is the hardest part.