Monday, August 25, 2008

How we view ourselves..........

On one of my favorite websites the question was asked; if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I like this is one I ask myself almost everyday. I can think of at least 100 things I would love to change but for this journey the one that sticks out the most for me is:

To stop judging myself - I do not think highly of myself at all. I make jokes about myself just so I don't have to face the truth (and it makes be feel better to laugh about it) and there are many reasons why I do this but in the end I am the only one who can change that. This journey has open me up to so many emotions, thoughts and just the way I live my life everyday that I cannot even put into words - it is like being on a roller coaster and not being able to see where you are going. It is hard to admit when you are wrong and this is one of the times I know I need to be kinder to myself and be proud of what I have accomplished and also of who I am as a person. One of my friends reminded me the other day, you have the courage to do this just know that you can. She is right I can do this!

If you had to answer this questions what would be your answer?

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spunkysuzi said...

I think mine would be to stop the guilt and move on ;) I have a tendency to wallow in guilt!!