Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back in the Groove!

Over the weekend I was able to get back to the gym and start back on my routine. I was really excited to get back to swimming and I had planned out my exercise plan to include it for about 15 mins at the end. I got to the gym walking through the doors I was so excited to be back where I know I belong. Sometimes do you ever just miss something and you are not quite sure why? That is how I felt when I started climbing those 24 steps and headed for the treadmill. I walked on the treadmill for about 20 mins. (Boy it was tuff) and then I was on the elliptical (my old friend how I have missed you) for about 5 - I did not want to over do it seeing as I have not been on the machines for 10 days (but that walking outside did help). So taking it slow was the right idea after only 30 mins I was tired and I was also thinking of not going swimming but I knew I should so I went down those 24 steps and got ready to dive in! I was in the pool for about 20 mins and could really feel the "burn" after only 10 and when I finally got out my legs were so sore and I was ready to go. In all it was a great day. On Sunday I went to the gym and worked on the bicycle for 15 mins., the treadmill for 20, and the elliptical for 5 - I have to say on day 2 the treadmill was kicking my *ss. On Monday it was back to bodypump and I was kind of nervous (and I am fighting a cold - I cannot win) so I was ready to go but really slow and I did not have my "spark" I usually have when I go into this but I went in and got ready to pump it. The class is only an hour but it felt like 10 it seemed like every routine took forever and I was really sluggish the whole time. I tried to keep up and I really tried to not look like a fool (as I do on the lunges) but in all it was a good class. I am really feeling it today and I have to say I should be really tired and sore but I am so glad I went and followed through on my routine I really did miss it.

Missing 10 days does not seem like a lot but you really do feel it when you get back into it. What I have learned over this experience I really "like" to work out and work on something I know in the end will help me become the person I am meant to be. Rest of the week walk 3 miles, swimming (Wednesday yeah) and work on getting back on track on my routine. And get over this cold! Thanks everyone for keeping up with me


Liz said...

I'm so impressed that you jumped right back into working out after the 10 days off!

starseeds13 said...

I saw a link to another link that led me to your website at my doctor's office. I just wanted to share a little of my path to recovery. Last May I weighed more than 306+ ( I stopped weighing myself after always feeling demoralized by the number). I discovered a 12 step program for overeaters called OA. Since then my life has completely turned around. Although the weight loss is slow- down 53 lbs., it's the weight on my heart that has really healed. I think it's wonderful that you're exercising and receiving support from so many people which is necessary for your physical recovery. I myself workout 2x with a trainer, 2x cardio routines, & 1x yoga in a week. I just wanted to invite you to also consider going to a local OA meeting to be with others who can relate to you as to why we turn to food for emotional reasons or still hurt ourselves with food

Cynthia Schmidt said...

Mara, you are inspiring! Your blog makes me want to cheer out loud for you. Keep up the good work.
Your friend on Fabulously40.com