Fitness Tip of the Day

Monday, September 15, 2008


Morning everyone nothing new to report today. I am still healing from my surgery - I am doing well and I am ready to get back into action. I miss my gym time - I miss bodypump, swimming getting ahead of the game on my goals. Since I have not been able to work out as I have over the past few months I am really starting to feel like a slob. I miss being able to work out and push forward on what I want to accomplish. When I started this journey I never thought there would come a time that I would look forward to working out. It just goes to show that once you start something new you can make it a part of your day and routine. I cannot wait until Saturday (10 days are up) so I can go swimming and head up those 24 steps I have come so accustom to and work my butt off to get back where I was before this happened. I have been walking 3 miles each day and it is a lot of fun being out doors and getting the fresh air but I have to say I would like to mix up my routine so that I get the best of both worlds. I will be getting with my trainer next week and we can devise a plan that will keep me motivated and I can push forward steadily on my goals. I have been slacking on some of my goals - I have not been back to rock climbing, I have not been keeping up with my eating habits as I should I just feel as if I am slacking. I need to re motivate myself and not get in any slump - I have come too far to let myself down now.

I have set a new goal for December and with the way things are going I am not going to accomplish them. So my new attitude is - I WILL do this and I WILL accomplish what I have set for myself in the next few months. Boy that felt good - saying I WILL (Deb at, she is very inspiring) does the trick for me. No more I can't or I just don't want to from now on it is I WILL DO IT!


Kim said...

You just keep taking good care of yourself!! You'll be up and working out again before you know it! :)

mom said...

You will accomplish your goal, have faith. Sometimes we have to take a detour to get there. It's called a test, you will pass. We can only take one day at a time, you have accomplished lot. We are proud, mom and boys (Starbuck, Petey, and Troy)

Anonymous said...

As the others have said, you have accomplished a lot. I am inspired by your continuing to do significant physical activity while you heal from your surgery. The focus on good food control will come.

Nora said...

I am so proud of you! I have recently been losing weight and can truly understand what you are going through but you will make it!Hang in there and keep on going!