Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New day and time

Last night was my first night taking the Monday bodypump class (6 pm instead of 6:30 pm) and I was surprised at how many of the same people I saw in the Thursday class were also in this one. I am happy to report that all the nice ladies that said last week they might quit the gym were there. It was a nice surprise for me and the class went really fast and I was glad they were around to inspire me. I have some issues I need to work on (that coordination is getting me in trouble) so over the next few weeks I am really going to dedicate myself to work out the bugs I seem to have on some of the moves in class. I really stick out like a sore thumb when everyone else is moving and I am just standing alone like a deer with headlights in my eyes. But in all the class went well and I really feel it today.

On a sad note I have to have minor surgery today (nothing bad very minor) but I will be out of commission for 10 days. So no bodypump, swimming or elliptical machine (tear) I am only allowed to walk - and since I am gearing up for the 5k next month this is a great opportunity for me to get my legs warmed up for the 3 miles I have to complete in such a short time. I will keep you guys posted of what I am doing on these slow 10 days and one of my goals is not to gain any weight during this period so please keep me in your thoughts - believe me I am going to need it.

Another great quote:
"You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them". ~Michael Jordan

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