Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Weigh In! Another challenge

Drum roll please.............................I lost another 4 lbs!!!!!!! Jumping around, balloons dropping!!!! I cannot believe it.......I set out on a new goal and I did it! I am so excited to report as of this date I have lost over 32 lbs. In May when I started on this journey I never thought in a heartbeat that I would be this excited -setting goal and achieving them I recommend it to anyone. PARTY TIME!

I was also given some information this week about a Marathon (half) that is coming up in March of 2009 and I was thinking to myself I wonder if I could do this - can I challenge myself enough to set this goal and really achieve it? The Marathon is 13.1 miles so I am not sure if I started training now could I actually do it? I am really thinking of trying and seeing just how strong I am. I will keep you guys posted. Thanks for checking in.

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spunkysuzi said...

Oh my goodness!! That is downright amazing ;-) And yes i think you can do a 1/2 marathon!