Friday, October 3, 2008

This and that

Since bodypump on Monday my right wrist has been hurting - not sure what happened but it has been really hard to move it around and grip some things - I think I might have strained it - note to self don't over do it next time!

Swimming was good but I was really upset about something that I found to be rude - my trainer and I were in the pool and this guy was working with his trainer on his pool exercises - let me give you guys a little back ground my trainer and I are in the pool together we work on my exercises together she never leaves me by myself or just tells me how to do something and expect me to just do it - the guy was in the pool and his trainer was sitting on the side of the pool area telling him what he needed to work on (remember this is an indoor pool) and let me just say she was not being quiet about it. I would be doing my laps and you could not help but notice what was being said and how it was being related to this guy - after about the 3rd pass I asked my trainer why is she not in the pool with him? Her answer was she did not know - after a few minutes we both looked at each other because we could not believe what she was saying to him- they were talking about his eating habits and what he should and should not be doing - she was not being nice about it believe me. My concern with this type of training is #1) she should be in the pool with him and helping him one on one not sitting in her chair on the sidelines #2) you don't tell someone in an enclosed area where it is echoing for everyone to hear (see) that you really should not eat that and you really should be doing this etc. Personally I would be so embarrassed if my session went like this - My trainer would NEVER do this - she respects who I am and what we are doing and knows that this is a personal experience and I don't need the whole world knowing it. I hope this guy catches on to this and tells his trainer you know I think I need you to work with "me".

Thursday night I splurged and went out and had a real Hamburger - I have been craving one for about 2 weeks and since I met my goal last week I thought I would just do it. I have to say it was good but I only ate half of it and was so satisfied (to my surprise). I keep surprising myself each day on how much I have changed in my eating habits (in the past I would eat that and more) just my way of thinking and I can honestly say it feels really nice to be able to say it out loud.

This weekend I am going to a festival on Saturday and then the State Fair on Sunday - so I should get a lot of walking in - Which will come in handy for the 5k I am walking next week. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Joy's Journey in Weightloss said...

I am so, so impressed! You are on such a great roll on your exercise! Congrats too on the weightloss. You inspire me so much that I may just get on the treadmill today! Too bad about that trainer mocking the client. Good thing your trainer has integrity. That is always my stress about going into a gym-the mocking. Congrats again for such focus on your goal. You will go it for sure!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you on the 5K this coming week. That is one of my goals and with your inspiration I know I can do it!