Thursday, January 8, 2009

A weak moment!

Many of us started our New Year resolutions for 2009 (I know I have) but I am sure even though it has only been a week since we have made these promises we have all broken a few!

During the course of the Holiday I feel back into some of my old habits (over eating, chocolate over haul and just not caring about exercise). Over the years a lot of my habits have been surrounded by food - I LOVE to eat out! I could eat out everyday 24 hours a day - in the past I would swing through McDonald's (even if I was not hungry) just because I wanted too. Last night I wanted to have fried chicken and I was determined after I was done at the gym I was going to swing by the local chicken place and get it.

After Zumba last night (LOVED it!) and talking with Dee for a while I got in my car and had every intention of going but as soon as I was headed right for the drive- thru something came over me - I decided I was not going to let my head get me in trouble anymore. I seem to listen to my head more than my heart and when I was thinking about all the calories I was about to ingest and how all the work I just did at the gym would be for nothing I headed home and ate my tuna and brown rice that was waiting for me and I can honestly say I am glad I did.

I feel as if I have turned a new corner and actually learned something about myself -I am strong and I CAN keep myself on track and just because I have a weak moment I can also have an enlightened one.

How have all of you been doing on your resolutions?


Chews to Lose said...

That's huge! You probably felt so much better too - I hate how I feel after eating fast food. Awesome job!

I've been keeping up on eating well and exercising so far. It's just making sure I'm aware and in the moment or I'll end up in the fridge/pantry.

MizFit said...

beyond huge and I adore the notion of a weak moment paired with the enlightened.

BVar said...

Congratulations, that is a huge victory.

Kimberly said...

You had a moment of bravado! Well done. Aren't you proud of yourself? It is really amazing when we have a moment of clarity in which something previously thought hard or impossible is boiled down to its simplest form and we know we can handle it.

Martine said...

I hope you realise what you have done. That is actually a huge milestone for you. Feel very proud. Martine

Carole said...

I'm thin, so I don't have the same reasons for wanting to eat healthy as you, but I certainly can relate to your moment of 'almost' weakness. There would be a lot of nights coming home from work when I didn't feel like making something - especially since my daughter is gone a lot more now. Like you, I would think about swinging through somewhere and grabbing something. But then I would think about how crappy it tastes, and how crappy I would feel afterwards and I'd make myself go make something. I am always happier with that decision after I've eaten.

Like tonight!

I think you're doing great.

Author of High Energy Eating

Tamzin said...


Good job. I have those thoughts almost daily on the way home from work...passing hte pizza, greek food, fast food...all so easy and tempting. Tonight, I was "going to" stop ... but as I was walking, I just told myself to keep going.

Its a good feeling! :)

zandria said...

Good for you, Mara! It's hard to talk ourselves out of things sometimes, that's for sure. :)

Juice said...

Way to go!!! What a fantastic NSV. :)

Anonymous said...

what an amazing accomplishment! just tell yourself all the little facts you learn about how bad those fatty, greasy foods are for you and soon enough, even the thought of that cheeseburger or fries will make you nauses. stay strong andk now it is all for the ultimate goal of beign fabulous in your own skin!!!