Thursday, March 19, 2009

Step, Stretch and Kick!

Well I finally did it - I took the Cardiobox class last night and let me just say it was AWESOME! I don't know why I let this class scare me! Michael of course teaches this class and he is great - he talks you through every step and makes sure that everyone in the class gets out of it what they need.

You start off with a lot of stretching which leads into working on the step (we do this in 30/20/10 also) and then the last 20 mins is actual kick boxing - kicking your legs your arms etc. I am so sore today but I can live with it - I tried to bend over and let me just say ouch!

Again this just proves if you try something new you might be surprised at what you get out of it. Don't be afraid to try new things and don't think you can't do something just because of your weight you just might miss out on something amazing!

I am taking today off and taking Zumba tomorrow (one of my favorite instructors is teaching) and this weekend is the half marathon so I am off to support my friend Dee who is going to walk it for me and I am going to take a lot of pics to share. I cannot wait to see her cross the finish line because I know she can do it!