Friday, March 6, 2009

What am I doing?

Last night I went to Bodypump (I have not been in about 3 months) and I was kind of of nervous since I was still really sore from the day before (Ab class) but I got ready and the class started. We did a lot of the usual steps (lunges, squats, arms, leg work etc) and I was feeling pretty good until we got into about 30 mins. and I started feeling it. I love Bodypump but BOY am I out of shape lol! Today I am really sore and tired.....but in a good way! I am going back and I am back on track. Today I go to PT and off from the gym but Saturday and Sunday I am going to take a walk (thank goodness) and hopefully be able to walk with Dee on Sunday (she is still doing the Marathon in a couple of weeks). But in all I am glad I have refocused and gotten over people hurting me and know that by my Birthday in 2 months (fingers crossed) I will be down another size - I can dream right!

Happy weekend everyone!

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Lynn said...

GREAT that you go to the gym class! That good soreness is so fulfilling, isn't it? Sounds like you are doing awesome!