Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Down the wrong path AGAIN!

I have been out of it for the past few days so no gym time nothing. I feel as if I am going down that path of just not caring anymore I am just so tired and no motivation in sight. I know I am up and down everyday but I really just don't care that much right now if I go to the gym or do anything but sleep. I am falling down the same path I once lead with no stopping................I so need to get up and just do it! No more excuses try and remember what my goals are and refocus (a word I use a lot) and keep moving forward.

I am going to try and find my motivation again not sure where it went but she has to be somewhere!


Lynn Haraldson-Bering said...

{{Mara}} Remember, motivation is fleeting. Intention is forever. You're on the right path. Look at what you said! You KNOW what to do, right? I know it's tough some days, particularly when I get caught up in the "I'm tired, this isn't worth it" cycle. But it's then that I take out old blogs or old photos and realize this journey has a LOT of bumps and a lot of joys, and they are usually of my own making.

You know how good you feel after moving? Sometimes it's the promise that you WILL feel better if you just go do it that can keep you going.

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

Good morning Mara! Motivation sure is hard to keep, huh?!

Just remember you are in this for the rest of your life. If you don't do it now, you will only continue to be just as you always were. Get up and just do 20 minutes at the gym. If, after the 20 minutes you decide you are done, fine. Leave. But chances are, after 20 minutes, you can convince yourself to do just another 10.

Your doing great - don't give up now!

Anonymous said...

I've got bunches of motivation! Can I help? :: hugs ::

Weather blahs, perhaps? Just boredome? Frustration on how long it takes to get where we want to go? A million reasons why we can (temporarily?) lose our motivation, but remember, it only takes a butterfly's sneeze to change things, big things, around. YOU CAN DO THIS. You know you want know it's for the best. You are SO SO SO worth the extra effort that this takes. To give yourself the inner peace from eating right and living in a more healthy manner is a PRICELESS gift that only you can give to yourself. You ARE worth it. You know that, right? :)

SeaShore said...

Put on your exercise clothes and go! Do not think about it, just do it.

If you give up on it, where will you be a few months from now? Wishing you had kept going and wondering why on earth you stopped!

Juice said...

You can do this! Don't let your job stress derail you. Get back to the gym. I'm pulling for you.

SunflowerDaisies said...

It is really hard when you feel like it's "caving in." Though it's easier said than done, the exercise will help you feel better about yourself. I guess maybe start small with the time limit, and try to go longer. You'll get there! :-)

carla said...

Im with lynn.

here's hoping you get up today and find that intention and harness it.

not necessarily even to the gym today but to move all that you can.

pace, wiggle, fidget, take the stairs, march in place---ANYTHING :)

xo xo,