Thursday, October 30, 2008

Salsa and Sad

Sorry guys for the delay in my post it has been crazy the last few days - on Tuesday I attended the Salsa class but was unable to dance due to the classes had already started 2 weeks ago so I would have been behind but I was allowed to watch. How much fun was everyone having A LOT! I was so jealous I could not participate but it was all good as I could tell I will be in good company. My friend Dee was having a blast and you can see just how much fun it is and you are really getting a great work out I cannot wait for my turn!

I am sad because I had a procedure done yesterday at the Doctors office and I will not be able to swim for about a month and since I have not worked out since last week I am still unable to go to the gym (bodypump, Zumba etc). I am hoping by Saturday I can at least walk - this so sucks! I am getting a negative attitude and I so don't want that to happen. Keep good thoughts for me everyone I need them.


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mom & boys

Anonymous said...

Sorry about this bump in your fitness routine, but stay active in other ways and you will continue your great progress!

alette siri ane said...

please keep it up you are doing so ood think in the larger picture of it all.This is just a little stop .Take time to contemplate and see how good you are being with yourself thru this journey